A little Flickr

I added a Flickr widget to the sidebar so everyone can see the pictures I am planning to take of my collection, the Scavenger Hunts, my ugly mug, etc. I’m definitely going to take some pictures of the local shops so you all can see the places I go. Plus, you never know what you may find that’s Metal releated. So please take a look at my Flickr page if you get the chance, I’m hoping to update it soon.

The current state of my collection

My collection in boxes - 5/9/07

Here’s my collection in all it’s splendor! I think the Chiquita Banana boxes add a tropical accent to the display.

Seriously, what your looking at is my CD collection still in boxes from our move to the new house this past Halloween. We are in room two of the master bedroom, this serves as the “entertainment room” for my wife and I. In the far corner are a couple of Rubbermaid containers and smaller boxes that hold CDs and DVDs. The boxes on the floor were organized alphabetical by band and chronological within the band. Unfortunately, there is a bit of chaos as I pull things out to listen to. The long table has two of my new IKEA brand Benno CD Shelves blocking my shelf stereo and the famous “pile” of CDs and DVDs that I need to get to.

New shelving

These are the new shelves I bought at IKEA. The plan is to hang these on the wall, below the ceiling slant, and have a nice new display. The top shelf holds 110 CDs, the bottom 100 CDs. If I remove the four middle dividers from the shelf, I get the 10 extra CDs in there. Each shelf cost $30, I bought three. I have roughly 2500 CDs, so I need 22 more shelves ($660). I’ve done the research and this is the most affordable way to go.

The current pile

This is a close-up of my pile. There are 42 CDs to listen to and 11 DVDs to watch. The first stack are CDs I haven’t touched. The second stack are CDs I’ve listened to but are still new albums so they are in my rotation. The CDs outside these two stacks are ones I’m listening to and will be heading to the banana boxes soon. The DVD pile contains the 3 different versions of KISS – KISSology Vol.1, Iron Maiden – Death On The Road, Iced Earth – Alive In Athens, and a few more from Kamelot, Rainbow, Helix and more.

So there you have it…..my collection. It’s more impressive when it’s organized and in the original cases I have in storage in the basement. For now, the banana boxes will do.