CD Scavenger Hunt – ‘Snakes & Arrows’ Edition – 5/1/07

Not a big day for new releases this past Tuesday except for the new Rush album. I wasn’t going to “rush” down to the store to buy the new album but, after receiving my $2 off coupon via email, I had to pick it up.

Rush – Snakes & Arrows – $9.99: How can you go wrong with $2 off a sale price of $11.99? You can’t, especially when it’s a new album from legends like Rush. This was a definite purchase but not an imperative one because I knew that there would be plenty of copies to go around. I heard an advance copy and I enjoyed it from the first listen. Now if the other power trio from Canada would make an album, I bet it would be a “triumph”!

With my obvious purchase, I continued the hunt. Three Rush DVDs were also released to coincide with the new record, they were all released previously on VHS. All three were priced at $12.99 but I passed. I was looking for the new W.A.S.P. album, DOMINATOR, but there is no U.S. release date yet. I had nothing else on the radar so I cruised the used racks. Unfortunately, it was slim pickings but I did manage to score one good disc…..

Twisted Sister – Club Daze (Vol.1 – The Studio Sessions) – $4.99: Five bucks for a still sealed CD listed as “used”. Can’t beat that! The store was trying to move some inventory that had been collecting dust so they put this (and some others) in the Used Bin with lower prices. This starts to round out the Twisted Sister collection.

A small haul but a productive one.

Total = $15

4 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – ‘Snakes & Arrows’ Edition – 5/1/07

  1. I am not a realy big RUSH fan (of course i have must of their albums on cd) and i dont know if i will buy their new album. Maybe after a Review from you Steve lol. Anyway, my dream would be also a new TRIUMPH album because they are one of my all time heavy rock/hard rock band from Canada.

  2. wow, you got some good prices at your store. the new rush is 18.99 and the twisted sister used is 9.99. it sucks for me!

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