Update…..or where the hell I’ve been.

I’m sure that many of you noticed the abrupt lack of posts as I was just getting on a roll for April. I had prepared an update that I was going to post last Wednesday…..but I forgot. Early Thursday morning, the family and I drove to New Jersey for my younger brother’s wedding. It was a great long weekend: lots of family and friends, time off from work, all the wedding events, a ton of drinking, and a splash of Metal on top.

Thursday was our travel day from Rhode Island. We were out by 8am but, after taking the dog to the kennel and doing some last minute errands, we didn’t actually get on the road until 11am. The van we rented was supposed to have an MP3 player jack but it didn’t. No CDs came on the trip so we were stuck with the radio. After a 4 hour drive (2 kids = many stops), we checked into The Hilton in East Brunswick, it was off to the rehearsal and dinner. After many pitchers of sangria, the after party at the hotel bar included many pitchers of assorted beers. The digital music system in the bar had a wide selection of Rock and Metal and we bought 100 songs: KISS, Motorhead, The Doors, Stones, Floyd, Maiden, Priest, The Who, Bob Segar, Boston, Lou Reed, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Autograph, Accept plus a bunch of others. By the time last call came, we were rocked…..from the music and the brew! By that time we were relegated to taking pictures in the main lobby. What I remember is vague but we all took a picture with this huge tattooed biker who was a guest. I remember everyone doing the Metal horns while the best man took the shot. I will post that when he sends it to me.

Friday was the off day except for the tuxedos. Picked those up and basically went our separate ways. I checked the local telephone book for record shops but there were none. We were about 10 minutes from Princeton University and there is a HUGE record store there but I wasn’t able to go, the family put a stop to that. My hunting was done at the local Target and there were no treasures to be found. The wedding and reception was Saturday afternoon. I was a groomsman, or usher, in the wedding party so my only job was to not screw up. My oldest daughter and niece were flower girls and they did a great job.

The fun began at the reception. The wedding party and parents were introduced to the guests to the sounds of ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ by KISS. My daughter and niece were introduced after the parents and before the groomsmen & bridesmaids, these two 8 year old girls got the most applause because my daughter knew the song and had the presence of mind to give the horns as they were introduced. There was a good selection Rock: KISS, Journey, Metallica, Faith No More…..but the crowning moment was the cutting of the cake to Def Lep’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’. By that time, most were tanked and it was priceless.

We said our goodbyes Sunday morning. The Nor’easter that hit the Northeast made travelling an all day experience. The good thing is that on of my family’s stops was at IKEA in Connecticut. I think I have found the problem to my CD storage problem. It’s not the solution from IKEA I came up with last week but a solution from IKEA that my wife thought of in November after we bought the house. Of course, I’m in trouble for not listening to her months ago!

So I’m back and ready to pick up where I left off last week. I have a few more days off so I will be posting a couple of reviews and this new storage idea over the next couple of days.