R.I.P. – Mark St. John

KNAC.com broke the sad news today that former KISS guitarist, Mark St. John, died this morning of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 51. My sympathies to Mark’s family and friends for their loss.

markstjohn2.jpg   markstjohn.jpg

I remember when Mark was brought into KISS to replace Vinnie Vincent, I was dead against it because it was beginning to be a revolving door at the guitar slot. Then I heard ANIMALIZE (1984) and I realized that this “unknown” had some serious skill. Unfortunately, he developed Reiter’s Syndrome and found himself unable to play and ultimately replaced as KISS’ lead guitarist. Everything I’ve read on Mark has said that he was very talented and that he was a really great guy. I wish him peace wherever he is and thanks for some great music and memories.

For more information on Mark St. John, there is a biography section over at KISSFAQ.com