Storage issues

It’s been five months since we moved into our new house and my CD and DVD collection is still in boxes and Rubbermaid containers. I have access to my full collection but they just aren’t displayed properly.

At our old apartment, the CDs were stored in these really nice unfinished wood cases by Bostonwood in Boston, MA. I have two that hold 750 CDs and one that holds 900 and they are still sitting in the basement. The wife and I took over the second floor double bedroom but the ceilings are too low and they slope on the sides. The previous owners re-did this part of the house (formerly the attic) for their two boys but they took no consideration for large media collections, LOL! The bottom line is that the cases just don’t fit against any wall due to the slopes.

So I’ve been searching…..and searching…..and searching for a solution. Money isn’t tight but it needs to be used wisely so the ultra-expensive cabinets aren’t part of the solution. Nice dream though! One idea my wife had was to cut the tops off the cases I have. The highest I can go on any wall with the slope is 38″ so I would need to take off three shelves off the 750s and five off the 900. I have a problem with that because I spent about $400 total for all three cases over the years, I’d hate to see them ruined. It’s the most practical and economic solution but I’m resistant. I’m also not a handy kind of guy so doing it on my own requires a ton of work and learning on the fly. I’m more inclined to pay someone to do it but that money could be spent on a new shelving system and I could sell the ones I have.

Aside from the normal Google search of “media shelving” and “CD storage”, my main resource has been Living With Music. My friend Volkher Hofmann has a very useful section on Storage & Display that has many unique ideas. Two features I’ve been researching today are the Ikea Ivar shelving and Boltz. Boltz CD Racks are very nice but still pricey. I’m also not sure if they are sturdy with all of that weight on those pointy slim “feet”, I’m nervous about them with two small kids and a dog. The IVAR system looks like the way to go, especially when you see Volkher’s pictures of his system. This is exactly what I need.

If I’m right, I will need six shelves and two side units to make one set 29″H, 33″W, 12″D. Total cost will be around $52 per unit. Capacity would be 400 CDs per unit.

Cross your fingers…..all I need is the wife’s OK!