Black Stone Cherry – s/t (2006)

Black Stone Cherry - s/t

Black Stone Cherry – s/t (2006, Roadrunner)

  1. Rain Wizard
  2. Backwoods Gold
  3. Lonely Train
  4. Maybe Someday
  5. When The Weight Comes Down
  6. Crosstown Woman
  7. Shooting Star
  8. Hell And High Water
  9. Shapes Of Things
  10. Violator Girl
  11. Tired Of The Rain
  12. Drive
  13. Rollin’ On

Band Lineup:
Chris Robertson – Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitar
Ben Wells – Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Electric Sitar, Backing Vocals
Jon Lawhon – Bass, Backing Vocals
John Fred Young – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Reece Wynans – B3 Organ on ‘Rollin’ On’ & ‘Tired Of The Rain’

Total Time – 46:23

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Black Stone Cherry are from Kentucky and they bring a southern flavor to their brand of straight forward Hard Rock. I think the best comparison I can give is that they sound like Black Oak Arkansas, Creed, Black Crowes, Grand Funk Railroad, and a lite Black Sabbath all rolled into one.

You can hear the Southern Rock influence right away wrapping around the heavy riffs that seem to flow freely through every song. There’s a ’70s classic rock feel to the music, probably due to the pounding bass and drums and the distorted guitars. There’s a Stoner Rock/Doom feel to the music, the Sabbath influence, but it ties into the grassroots feel. The only time the band sounds modern is when singer Chris Robertson does his best Scott Stapp (Creed) impression.

Bottom Line:
I’m not really sure what to add except the basic feel. I’ve lived with this album for close to two months, playing it everday, and I’m still not sure what to think. I think the album is a grower, this brand of Southern Hard Rock takes a little time to absorb because there are subtleties within the heaviness that you have to listen for. So far, my favorite tracks are ‘Violator Girl’ and ‘Crosstown Woman’. I’m going to continue to spin this disc and see if I really catch on to it. If you want some straight forward Hard Rock, with big guitar and pounding drums, this is something new to check out. It’s not the usual listen but fits right in with the rest of the scene.