The “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” playlist – 1/6/07

Over the last few years, I have had some sort of medical issue within the first couple of months of the new year. One year it was knee surgery, another surgery for kidney stones, and an allergic reaction last year. In keeping with tradition, I pulled my back out Wednesday afternoon. Basically, I have been confined to a chair or bed ever since. Thanks to the nice folks at the local emergency room, I have been able to enjoy a variety of pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Nothing goes better with an injury than some CDs…..

1. WASP – Still Not Black Enough (1995) – I hadn’t listened to this under-rated album in a few years until the other day. Of course there are two versions of this album so I had to listen to both.

2. Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) – Never heard a Legs Diamond album until this one and I am pleasantly surprised. Bottom line good Hard Rock.

3. Dio – Magica (2000) – I never really got into this album, the concept just bored me. I have been reading DIO: LIGHT BEYOND THE BLACK by Martin Popoff so I have been revisiting the entire Dio catalogue.

4. Lita Ford – Out For Blood (1983) – I’ve been meaning to give Lita’s solo output a re-listen for a long time, problem was I needed the debut. Is she really the “Queen of Metal”?

5. Quiet Riot – QR I (1978) and QR II (1979) – The “lost” Quiet Riot albums featuring the late Randy Rhoads. I acquired some bootleg CD copies of these Japan-only releases (on vinyl) on Ebay. For those who think that METAL HEALTH (1983) was the band’s debut, check these two albums out. I’m out to acquire the original vinyl as I don’t like bootlegs but they are a bit expensive.

Mike DiMeo leaves Riot for Masterplan

Rumors were confirmed today when Mike DiMeo (The Lizards/ex-Riot) announced that he would be relinquishing his long-standing position on vocals for Hard Rock legends Riot. DiMeo is parting ways with Riot to take over vocal duties with European metallers Masterplan.

Masterplan with Mike DiMeo

The official press release from Mike DiMeo is as follows:
“In response to all the mail I have been receiving about my status with Riot I have had many great years with the band, and I am tremendously proud of all the work I have done with them, especially Army of One, but at this point in my life and career, I prefer to forge ahead with a new path musically. I look forward to a new creative beginning with Masterplan, who are an incredibly talented and motivated group of guys!! I wish Riot the best of luck in the future and will always consider them brothers……thank you.”

DiMeo is replacing Jorn Lande at the mic for the band. Lande and Masterplan parted company due to “musical differences” in early 2006. Masterplan will issue a new E.P., LOST AND GONE (AFM Records), on January 26th. The E.P. will be the band’s first release with the new line-up of Mike DiMeo (vocals), Roland Grapow (guitars), Mike Terrana (drums), Jan S. Eckert (bass) and Axel Mackenrott (keyboards). A new studio album is scheduled for February.


Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. I thought all was well in the Riot camp because their latest album., ARMY OF ONE, is really good. DiMeo has been focusing on his newer band, The Lizards, as of late while the Riot situation was up in the air. Riot doesn’t tour as much and I would assume it’s definitely not the full-time gig Masterplan will be. As soon as I heard the news, I went to the Riot website and there was no update (yet). Good for Masterplan but who the hell is going to sing for Riot!

One Year Blog-versary

I did it, I lasted a year! When I started thinking about writing a blog I promised myself that I would try to make it a full year. I’m very happy to say I made it.

I started on Blogger as Vicious and Delishis, the name of my fantasy football team for the last thirteen seasons. My intention was to write about what I knew most about: Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, Fantasy Football, the NFL, and video games. For those of you wondering, I’m 34 but a kid at heart.

As the first two months went by, I was still trying to find my way. I decided to go strictly as a Music blog and cut the rest: I don’t game as much except for Madden Football and Fantasy Football only takes up half the year during the NFL regular season. There were tons of websites/blogs covering these topics in depth and I felt I had nothing to add.

Music, specifically Heavy Metal, is another story. Since I was five years old (1977), I have been a fan of Hard Rock. I started with KISS and worked my way through to the present. The music, the imagery, and the passion have been a huge influence on my life for twenty-nine years and counting. I know Hard Rock, I know Heavy Metal. I can discuss these genres of Rock’n Roll intelligently and express my opinions.

After battling the demons at Blogger, I decided to move here to WordPress in mid-June. The transfer process sucked but the benefits of a user-friendly system have been great. Traffic and discussion have jumped up since the move: 55,000 people have stopped by to read and there have been some lively discussions. The best day for visitors had to be August 27th, the day I posted about the Poison fight, over 16,000 people visited the site that day!

Overall, it’s been a good experience. I enjoy reviewing albums I buy and telling the tales of lost treasure in the used record shops. I’ve met some great fans from around the world and have enjoyed some good reading at their blogs.

So what’s on tap for the second year? I have no idea. I’m looking toward more album reviews from my collection and more “tales from the record stores”. I’ve received some positive feedback on Ebay Madness and the Video posts so those will continue. I’m not really looking to add more features more a tightening up of the ones I have.

I’m looking into moving off and having a new host so I can make the site more visually pleasing. I’m also looking into online radio (Live365, etc.) so I can feature some of the tracks from albums I pick up and/or review. Whatever I decide to do in this small corner of the world, I hope you all enjoy it.


Website Spotlight: The BNR Metal Pages

The BNR Metal Pages

Online since 1995, this website is one of the best Internet resources for researching Heavy Metal. All genres are represented and all bands have full discographies. Add a band summary, link to the website (if available), album art, tracklists, and lineups and you’ve got a comprehensive look at over 1400+ bands.

What I like most is the criteria that each band must fit to be included in this Metal encyclopedia. From the BNR Metal FAQ:

Assuming the band in question is sufficiently metal enough, there are two requirements of new bands:

  1. They must have released at least one album or EP (demos don’t count)
  2. I must have listened to at least one full album or EP (not just a single song or two)

The reason for the first requirement is not because I don’t care about up-and-coming bands or long-lost garage bands, it’s simply a matter of time and resources. As it is, I cannot keep up with all the established bands out there, much less write pages for bands that are still on the way up. I wish I could support these bands more, but I simply can’t.

Number 2 sounds like a cheap ploy to get free stuff, but that’s not the point, and certainly not why I’ve done this site in the first place. I just feel more comfortable and qualified writing about a band that I’ve heard first-hand rather than just relying on reports. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously run by a fan. A Metal salute to anyone that has listened to that many bands!

Christine Sixteen KISS tribute update

I’ve been a big supporter of the Christine Sixteen project and I am pleased to have been sent the new cover art for the upcoming CD.

Christine Sixteen 2 artwork

The songs and performers included in this installment are:

Creatures Of The Night (Cassandra Goudreau)
Baby Driver (Jessica Scalabrini)
Charisma (Jessica Dionne)
Master & Slave (Jessika Groleau)
Got Love For Sale (Cassandra Markey)
War Machine (Jessica Scalabrini)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Shock Me (Carolyne Bédard)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Deuce (Nadia Goudreau)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
God Of Thunder (J. Scalabrini and C. Goudreau)
Watchin’ You (Jessica Dionne)
Jungle (Cassandra Goudreau)
Larger Than Life (Carolyne Bédard and Nadia Goudreau)
100,000 Years (Cassandra Markey)
Dirty Livin’ (Jessica Scalabrini)
Into The Night (Nicolas Maurais)
Black Diamond (Cassandra Goudreau)
Kissin’ Time (With special guests KISS ARMY)

Thanks to Patrice Beaudette (project manager/producer) for keeping us all updated.

CD Scavenger Hunt (The Holiday Edition) – 1/1/07

Why not start 2007 off right with an update of what crossed my desk and entered my ever-growing pile of newly acquired CDs?

It’s been quiet on the CD hunt due to the holidays but I did manage to find some decent albums on Ebay that have eluded me so far:

UFO – Obsession (1978) – This is actually the Japanese reissue from 2000 on Toshiba-EMI, sealed with OBI strip. So far, these are the best issues of UFO albums on CD and I have all but two now (Making Contact and Misdemeanor). Picked this up on for $35. A little pricey but it fills a hole in the UFO collection. The seller listed this CD as “in stock” but it was really back-ordered, I wasn’t told that until after I purchased. It took over a month but I finally got it just in time for Xmas! Still haven’t opened it yet!

Lita Ford – Out For Blood (1983) – Another gem that came a day or two before Xmas. This one goes for big dollars at auction but I snapped a mint first pressing on CD for under $25. I was going to plunk down close to $20 for a mint vinyl copy but I went the extra mile for the disc. I was the only bidder until a minute left till close, then someone decided to bid. I went from $11 to the final price.

Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) – I know nothing about Legs Diamond, never heard any of their music back in the day. I troll many boards and this album always comes up as a rarity AND a decent album. Again, picked up on Ebay for $25 in mint condition.