The “my back is killing me, help me out of this chair” Reading list

Since my back is still screwed up and I’m barely able to do anything without help, I decided to catch up on some Heavy reading. Here’s a list of the last few books I’ve read:

When I was focusing on the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath, I read an excellent book Black Sabbath: Doom Let Loose by Martin Popoff. Martin is one of the editors for Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, the premier Metal magazine, and has authored some excellent books along the way. The Sabbath book starts at the beginning and runs right through to present day, very detailed and many pictures of the band and memorabilia.

I immeadiately dove into Black Sabbath – Never Say Die by Garry Sharpe-Young. Extremely in depth focus on everything Sabbath post-Ozzy from 1979-1997. Want to read an eye-opener? Drop the dollars on this book. Full coverage on Ozzy’s departure/firing, the Dio years, the Gillan experiment, Hughes, Gillen, Martin, Halford and who David Donato and Jeff Fenholt really are within the Sabbath realm. I make it a point to read this book twice a year, it’s a great read. Check Rockdetector for more info.

Being stuck in a chair with heating pads and heavy prescriptions doesn’t leave many options: TV, TV, and more TV. To break up the monotony of SpongeBob reruns and VH1 Classic, I grabbed my new copy of Dio: Light Beyond The Black by Martin Popoff. Kind of keeping in touch with my Sabbath direction, this book is purely about the band Dio. Culled from interviews with Ronnie James Dio and band members past and present, Light Beyond The Black stays strictly to the making of each Dio album and the subsequent tours. It starts from RJD’s depature from Black Sabbath and ends with the last Dio studio album: MASTER OF THE MOON (2005). I have ten pages to finish when I get off the computer, it has been a highly informative read, very easy to get into. Of course, I’ve had the Dell DJ playing each album as I read the chapter so I can hear the things that are talked about. I forget sometimes just what a great band Dio is.

On deck: Gimme An R! (The Story of Brian Vollmer, Lead Vocalist of Helix). Picked this book up through the Helix website for $25 and it came with a DVD: HELIX – 30 YEARS OF HELIX. Has Helix really been around for 30 years?

Not bad for $25, the book alone costs that much but the Xmas bundle made it all worth it. I admit that I never really got into Helix but I recently heard ‘Heavy Metal Love’ on the radio and I decided to explore the back catalogue. Gimme An R! is close to 400 pages so that should keep me interested for a few days, the reviews I’ve read are all great. Go to to order.

Well, off to bed my friends. I have a day of heating pads, muscle relaxers, Vicodin, and IcyHot to look forward to tomorrow. Cheers!