The “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” playlist – 1/6/07

Over the last few years, I have had some sort of medical issue within the first couple of months of the new year. One year it was knee surgery, another surgery for kidney stones, and an allergic reaction last year. In keeping with tradition, I pulled my back out Wednesday afternoon. Basically, I have been confined to a chair or bed ever since. Thanks to the nice folks at the local emergency room, I have been able to enjoy a variety of pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Nothing goes better with an injury than some CDs…..

1. WASP – Still Not Black Enough (1995) – I hadn’t listened to this under-rated album in a few years until the other day. Of course there are two versions of this album so I had to listen to both.

2. Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) – Never heard a Legs Diamond album until this one and I am pleasantly surprised. Bottom line good Hard Rock.

3. Dio – Magica (2000) – I never really got into this album, the concept just bored me. I have been reading DIO: LIGHT BEYOND THE BLACK by Martin Popoff so I have been revisiting the entire Dio catalogue.

4. Lita Ford – Out For Blood (1983) – I’ve been meaning to give Lita’s solo output a re-listen for a long time, problem was I needed the debut. Is she really the “Queen of Metal”?

5. Quiet Riot – QR I (1978) and QR II (1979) – The “lost” Quiet Riot albums featuring the late Randy Rhoads. I acquired some bootleg CD copies of these Japan-only releases (on vinyl) on Ebay. For those who think that METAL HEALTH (1983) was the band’s debut, check these two albums out. I’m out to acquire the original vinyl as I don’t like bootlegs but they are a bit expensive.

10 comments on “The “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” playlist – 1/6/07

  1. Hope you get better soon. I am a big WASP fan, but SNBE is not one of my favorites. Magica has some moments and it’s better than Strange Highways and Angry Machines, but a little dull. I liked the first two Lita Ford albums, but not much past that.

  2. You realy have to start taking care of your self steve. Good luck.
    Cool stuff you have been listening to.
    I also never got into MAGICA. What do you think about it now? Maybe i have to listen to it soon again. I have been listening a couple of days ago to SACRED HEART and its still a great lp of course. LIKE A BEAT OF A HEART is a special song in my opinion.
    I also have been listening to some albums i didnt listen in a very long time. For exemple:

  3. I hope you are now on the road to good health, I wish I could find that road as well, but its my own fault.

    Anyhoo – Magica is a strange album. It’s not bad per se, but a bit over the top subject matter wise. WASP is underrated by metal heads for sure. QR I and II I have not heard in over 20 years.

  4. Metal Mark – I’m a big WASP fan as well, my WASP low points are HELLDORADO and the NEON GOD albums. I am going to give both NEON GODs a fresh listen though.

    As far as Dio, I dig STRANGE HIGHWAYS but ANGRY MACHINES and MAGICA just don’t do it for me. All 3 are kind of muddy and sludgy.

    I’m going thru the Lita Ford catalog right now trying to see if she is really that good.

  5. Kurt – At 34, I’m young at heart and in mind but I feel old in body. And I’m not in that bad of shape!

    Rene – Those 1st 3 Dio albums are classics. MAGICA needs to be listened to closely, I’m keeping it in my weekly rotation to give it a fair listen.

    T-Bone – Dio was supposed to do a part 2 and 3 of the MAGICA series, I read that when he was doing the press for MAGICA. It’s a broad and grand project, maybe too big to really do. Might be a good book though.

    WASP always gets killed by the image but if you listen closely most of their albums are solid, especially the first 5 studio albums.

    I used to have tapes of QR 1 and 2 back in the day, I wish I still had them because the audio would be better than these CDRs I picked up.

  6. I visited Amazaon recently and decided to get the following gems in remastered CD format:

    Raven – All for One (83)
    Exciter – Violence and Force (83)
    Lizzy Borden – Best of
    Ratt – Out of the cellar

    It terms of Dio, I’ve been disappointed with everything after Lock up the Wolves. I thought the song “I” which appeared on Sabbath’s Dehumanizer was his best vocal performace of the 90’s.

    WASP I lost track of after Electric Circus but I came across a song called “Mean Man” which smokes.

    I think Lee Aaron was the Metal Queen.

  7. Mike Cool – Those are all excellent albums to pick up.

    Dio went in a slower/darker direction after LUTW, try KILLING THE DRAGON for some good old school Dio. DEHUMANIZER is a very under-rated album.

    ‘Mean Man’ is on THE HEADLESS CHILDREN (1989).

    I forgot about Lee Aaron, she was pretty good too but everyone always fell all over Lita.

  8. Oh yeah, I also picked up Manowar “Sign of the Hammer” which has my fave track “All Men Play on 10″. I can’t wait to crank this stuff in my Dodge Charge which I hope to get soon.

    You have a great knowledge of all things metal – and here I though I knew it all !

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