Christine Sixteen KISS tribute update

I’ve been a big supporter of the Christine Sixteen project and I am pleased to have been sent the new cover art for the upcoming CD.

Christine Sixteen 2 artwork

The songs and performers included in this installment are:

Creatures Of The Night (Cassandra Goudreau)
Baby Driver (Jessica Scalabrini)
Charisma (Jessica Dionne)
Master & Slave (Jessika Groleau)
Got Love For Sale (Cassandra Markey)
War Machine (Jessica Scalabrini)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Shock Me (Carolyne Bédard)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Deuce (Nadia Goudreau)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
God Of Thunder (J. Scalabrini and C. Goudreau)
Watchin’ You (Jessica Dionne)
Jungle (Cassandra Goudreau)
Larger Than Life (Carolyne Bédard and Nadia Goudreau)
100,000 Years (Cassandra Markey)
Dirty Livin’ (Jessica Scalabrini)
Into The Night (Nicolas Maurais)
Black Diamond (Cassandra Goudreau)
Kissin’ Time (With special guests KISS ARMY)

Thanks to Patrice Beaudette (project manager/producer) for keeping us all updated.

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