Christine Sixteen KISS tribute update

I’ve been a big supporter of the Christine Sixteen project and I am pleased to have been sent the new cover art for the upcoming CD.

Christine Sixteen 2 artwork

The songs and performers included in this installment are:

Creatures Of The Night (Cassandra Goudreau)
Baby Driver (Jessica Scalabrini)
Charisma (Jessica Dionne)
Master & Slave (Jessika Groleau)
Got Love For Sale (Cassandra Markey)
War Machine (Jessica Scalabrini)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Shock Me (Carolyne Bédard)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
Deuce (Nadia Goudreau)(Featuring Angelo Coppola on drums)
God Of Thunder (J. Scalabrini and C. Goudreau)
Watchin’ You (Jessica Dionne)
Jungle (Cassandra Goudreau)
Larger Than Life (Carolyne Bédard and Nadia Goudreau)
100,000 Years (Cassandra Markey)
Dirty Livin’ (Jessica Scalabrini)
Into The Night (Nicolas Maurais)
Black Diamond (Cassandra Goudreau)
Kissin’ Time (With special guests KISS ARMY)

Thanks to Patrice Beaudette (project manager/producer) for keeping us all updated.

CD Scavenger Hunt (The Holiday Edition) – 1/1/07

Why not start 2007 off right with an update of what crossed my desk and entered my ever-growing pile of newly acquired CDs?

It’s been quiet on the CD hunt due to the holidays but I did manage to find some decent albums on Ebay that have eluded me so far:

UFO – Obsession (1978) – This is actually the Japanese reissue from 2000 on Toshiba-EMI, sealed with OBI strip. So far, these are the best issues of UFO albums on CD and I have all but two now (Making Contact and Misdemeanor). Picked this up on for $35. A little pricey but it fills a hole in the UFO collection. The seller listed this CD as “in stock” but it was really back-ordered, I wasn’t told that until after I purchased. It took over a month but I finally got it just in time for Xmas! Still haven’t opened it yet!

Lita Ford – Out For Blood (1983) – Another gem that came a day or two before Xmas. This one goes for big dollars at auction but I snapped a mint first pressing on CD for under $25. I was going to plunk down close to $20 for a mint vinyl copy but I went the extra mile for the disc. I was the only bidder until a minute left till close, then someone decided to bid. I went from $11 to the final price.

Legs Diamond – Town Bad Girl (1990) – I know nothing about Legs Diamond, never heard any of their music back in the day. I troll many boards and this album always comes up as a rarity AND a decent album. Again, picked up on Ebay for $25 in mint condition.