Ebay Madness – Concrete Jungle, Tindrum, Motley Crue, Angel Dust

Concrete Jungle – Wear and Tear (1988) CD ends at $250.
I’ve seen this go upwards of $500 over the years so this is a “bargain”. The buyer was smart and ended the auction early with BUY IT NOW before a bidding war ensued.

Tindrum – Drums Of War (1988) original pressing CD goes for $249.95.
Well, it’s 5 cents cheaper than the Concrete Jungle CD. The seller, surrf, is a major player in the CD collector’s market so I believe it’s an original press and not one of the many bootlegs that have surfaced this year. The fact that there were two separate copies up on auction says all you need to know about surrf’s collecting abilities and how rare this CD is.

Motley Crue’s 1st five albums still sealed in longboxes reaches $204.49.
I have seen each one of these albums, still sealed in longboxes with minimal damage, on many a CD hunt. I believe the prices ranged from $8 to $15. Imagine if you bought all 5 at $15 each, your $75 investment almost triples! People will buy anything so I am going to start buying these up as I find them!

Angel Dust – Into The Dark Past (1986) original pressing CD ends at $256.51.
This is our big winner today, edging out Concrete Jungle for this installment. Angel Dust’s debut is hard to find in the original 1986 pressing, there are plenty of reissue bootlegs out there. In fact, one “reissue” is up now for $11 BUY IT NOW. The easier way would be to grab a vinyl copy that go between $25-$40. A lot for vinyl but better than pricey CD.