Ratt reunion on the horizon?

Here’s a good rumor from Metal Sludge:

Call us creepy. Call us scums. Tell us we suck! But…fact is…Ratt is about to come Back For More & go Round n’ Round! With all (surviving) original members. This means frontman Stephen Pearcy & original bassist Juan Croucier will be joining Warren DeMartini & Bobby Blotzer.

Mark these words bitches!

The band is slated to play a final show in Mexico with the current line-up this weekend. Inside sources are reporting John Corabi will likely stay in the group and play rythym guitar.

As for Robbie Crane & Jizzy Pearl. There is always Love/Hate gigs at Paladinos and even the possibility of a 3rd LA Guns line-up. One with NO original members. How cool would that be? Jizzy Pearl, Robbie Crane, Keri Kelli and any random members of Every Mothers Nightmare, Smashed Gladys or War Babies!

Metal Sludge
Back For Sludge


— Ratt isn’t Ratt without Pearcy, his voice is too distinct. Hopefully they do an album.

20 comments on “Ratt reunion on the horizon?

  1. Even if they reform the most they can hope for is to get on a package tour with some other old bands. They may play next to last, but couldn’t headline. Maybe they will go out with Poison, the Crue or even WASP.

  2. Agreed – Pearcy was too much of Ratt for the two to be separated. Anyone who has seen him play with his Rat Pack, as I have, would see this.

    I caught them in Myrtle Beach last year, with WASP headlining and LA Guns (current version) opening. All of these bands did a damn good job, and Pearcy and his Pack did a a good enough job they could’ve headlined the show.

    But heck, how can you compete with Blackie’s theatrics and sense of showmanship?

    I think the contrast of Pearcy’s get-down hard rock and roll and WASP’s carnal blitz made for a great show. I’d say RATT and WASP would be natural fit for a double-header tour.

  3. There are times when Metal Sludge is just out to bust balls but they get the dirt on what’s happening and they are usually dead on with their “rumors”.

    Mark – I saw them in 1999 on the first Poison reunion tour. Ratt could have headlined but with only with strong support. It was LA Guns, Great White (pre-fire), RATT, and Poison. They could go out with Crue or Poison. They’d be a great opener for KISS.

    Earl – Saw the Pearcy band in Connecticut a few years ago. It was Vixen, Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy, and Vince Neil headlining. Pearcy’s band was dead on and he sounded just like the albums. Funniest part of the show was when he saw some puffing going on up front and he asked the guys up front, over the mic, “Puff, puff…..give, give!” The funniest thing I’ve ever heard at a show.

    Saw WASP at The Station 2 years before the fire and they were awesome. Put WASP, RATT, and LA Guns on a bill and you’ll see a great show.

    Rene – If KEEL got back together, that would Rock! One of the most under-rated bands of the ’80s.

  4. I always loved Ratt, even when I turned towards thrash. Interesting, Pearcy didn’t make any hints towards that whatsoever when I talked to him earlier this year, but then, such things are hush-hush anyway…I only get a rare “scoop” from time-to-time, normally it’s whatever the press rep sends…I’m going to have to hit Pearcy’s rep up and see what truth there is to this….you’re right, no Pearcy, no Ratt

  5. Best of luck to them. I have to respect Pearcy for trying so hard with his music. Unlike some old bands that just tour in the summer, he has been doing albums and touring very steadily over the last few years.

  6. Dude with decent promotion, a reunited ratt could easily headline a package tour. They’ve sold almost 20 million albums worldwide. Theyd would need other good supporting bands though. I’d could see them on a tour with cinderella or poison, possibly l.a. guns.

  7. Jacko – Maybe with a decent band in the 2 slot. No way they headline over Poison or Cinderella (Cinderella could headline over Poison). Ratt could headline theaters with Dokken, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Great White, etc but they wouldn’t sell 8000-10,000 in the outdoor sheds.

    Mike – Absolutely, no Pearcy=no Ratt. I haven’t checked out Pearcy’s solo stuff lately. I have all the Ratt, Arcade, and Vertex though.

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  9. Ratt has always been a favorite of mine. I think its funny in a sense that they are getting back together since they went to court with Pearcy for the Ratt name.

    It is all good though. I would love to see them live again with Pearcy.

  10. That was an interesting court battle, especially since Pearcy was the original owner and brought the other guys in. I’m sure that any reunion of Ratt will be done with the stipulation that Pearcy gets part of the name back. Same thing happened with UFO in 1995 when Schenker came back for the WALK ON WATER album, he got a partnership in the name and he wasn’t an original member.

  11. I saw many Ratt shows back in the 80’s and went to see one in Millvale inside a old church with Jizzy as frontman and it just was not Ratt. I am sure Jizzy is a good singer, but ratt is not ratt without Pearcy.

    On a side note, I just saw 3 great bands at RPM’s in Pittsburgh – Steelheart, House of Lords, & Funny Money aka KIX (Last Night) and would love to see any one of them again with Ratt.

    The 80’s Metal is not dead and the fans are just waiting….BRING IT!

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