New Release Tuesday – 11/21/06 – Thanksgiving Edition

Here we go again, another Tuesday, another trip to the record store. Not a big day for new releases in my world but the new KISS – ALIVE! 1975-2000 box set was tops on the list. Other notable releases: Winger – IV, Kamelot – ONE COLD WINTER’S NIGHT (2 CD live set), the new Freddie Mercury best of, and the new Manowar live DVD.

First one in the door at the shop this morning, straight ahead to the new releases. Scored the Kamelot set for $11 but no Winger. At $9.99, I’ll give the new Winger a shot. Sold! To the employee behind the counter! Seeing that I beat him to all the new releases, he figured he’d beat me to the punch. If I was in his shoes, I’d hide all the new releases behind the counter for myself too. His redemption? He ordered a copy to come in Wednesday morning…..already on hold for the guy who drags his 3 yr. old daughter to a record store at 10am faithfully every Tuesday. I guess I’ll have to wait till the morning.

I picked up the Manowar DVD but put it back. I have all four HELL ON EARTH DVDs and I haven’t even watched the last three, so I put it back. Same with the Freddie Mercury best of, I already have the solo albums, so is a hits package necessary? I’ll research it a little more tonight and pick it up in the AM if it’s worth having. I hate to say that I didn’t do my research before I left the house but I was a bit lazy.

Went to Best Buy for the KISS ALIVE! box. It was on sale for $20 with 2 bonus tracks. The Japanese version has three bonuses but it’s not released for another three weeks and there’s no way I’m waiting on a new release from my favorite band. At least I can have the Japanese issue for Xmas. 

(As I type this, I realize that KISS also released the MILLENIUM COLLECTION III today and I forgot.)

Find of the day: Hammerfall – ONE CRIMSON NIGHT DVD…..half off at $10.88. Seems that this one got lost in a price change accident a year ago (Newbury Comics dates their price tags) as the other two copies were regular price. Always nice to see the clerk take 50% off.

Tomorrow is part two…..Winger and KISS releases on radar…..and I’ll probably cave on the Manowar DVD too.

Black Sabbath – ‘Feels Good To Me’ (video, 1990)

The opening solo is cut off a bit in the beginning of this video I clipped from YouTube. The video is very un-Sabbath, especially when you have listened to the rest of TYR and seen the concept of the artwork, etc. Obviously a more commercial tune = a commercial friendly video.

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Black Sabbath – TYR (1990)

Black Sabbath - TYR

Black Sabbath – TYR (1990, I.R.S.)

  1. Anno Mundi
  2. The Law Maker
  3. Jerusalem
  4. The Sabbath Stones
  5. The Battle Of Tyr
  6. Odin’s Court
  7. Valhalla
  8. Feels Good To Me
  9. Heaven In Black

Band Lineup:
Tony Iommi – Guitars
Tony Martin – Vocals
Neil Murray – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Total Time – 39:19

When I bought TYR back in 1990, I didn’t like it. Basically, it’s a concept album. Maybe not in the same way as Queensryche’s OPERATION: MINDCRIME but all the songs have a common thread. I wasn’t into concept albums so, save for a couple of songs, it got little play. Also, 1990 was the reign of the “pretty-boy” big hair Hard Rock, Metal gods like Black Sabbath were considered dinosaurs and mostly irrelevant. Over the years, I’ve revisited TYR and been pleasantly surprised but for some reason I still reach for THE ETERNAL IDOL or HEADLESS CROSS instead.

The title track starts off with a soft chant plunges into a heavy mid-paced chug of a song, Powell’s drums crashing all around. ‘The Law Maker’ is faster with a drum intro/guitar solo intro. Tony Martin sounds almost exactly like another former Sabbath singer (RJD). Iommi just blazes away come solo time. ‘Jerusalem’ has always been my favorite song off the album. Martin’s voice soars over an amazing Iommi doom riff. Nicholls complements the guitar with a great keyboard arrangement. I would say this is the best song off the album and one of the better Tony Martin-era offerings, right up there with ‘Headless Cross’ and ‘The Shining’. Three songs in and the album is already kicked in high gear.

‘The Sabbath Stones’ slows it down but doesn’t relinquish the heaviness. I really enjoy Tony Iommi’s acoustic guitar work and it really shines within the song, inter-laced between the heavy riffs and more of Powell’s hard skin bashing. What would a Sabbath album be without an intro/instrumental? ‘The Battle Of Tyr’ is more of Nicholls’ showcase and winds right into ‘Odin’s Court’. More acoustic guitar from Iommi on ‘Odin’s Court’ and a sweeping keyboard arrangement/effect. Martin’s voice put right up front and the man sounds extremely strong. ‘Odin’s Court’ slides right into ‘Valhalla’, no pausing. Soaring chorus, Martin hitting the highs with ease and Iommi blazing a smoldering solo. ‘Odin’s Court’ and ‘Valhalla’ I consider one so they both move into the second slot for favorite song.

A slow, almost sad, solo starts off ‘Feels Good To Me’. TYR’s ballad and it sounds like a late ’80s/early ’90s Hard Rock power ballad. Certainly not what I expect from Black Sabbath. It’s good, there’s a bluesy quality to it but it still seems out of place after six very strong, very heavy songs. The guitar solos just trickle out of the speakers…..very smooth. Iommi can flat out play anything and to hear him play during this song is reason enough to buy the album. Actually, his guitar work is reason to buy ANY Black Sabbath album. Cozy starts ‘Heaven In Black’ with a thunder drum roll, kicking into the guitar. Faster, heavier song that seem out of place as well. Maybe it just doesn’t fit the theme of the album? Maybe I just don’t like it? It sounds like it’s been done before.

Bottom Line: Upon closer inspection, TYR measures up to THE ETERNAL IDOL but falls short of HEADLESS CROSS. It’s a strong album. Stronger than I remembered, especially Tony’s Martin’s voice. The live show must have been great because Iommi and Powell are always top-notch and I believe Martin to be at his vocal peak of his career. The guitar is always the highlight on a Sabbath album but Martin truly shines, which is one of the reason’s why a reunion of the HEAVEN & HELL lineup (with Dio) shouldn’t have happened following this album/tour.