New bassist in Van Halen: Wolfgang Van Halen

From Andrew at

A lot of speculation and a lot of new updates are now appearing in relation to the Van Halen alive again in 2007 news started here a couple of weeks back. Late last week celeb gossip site posted news of the band and who would play bass. Today G4TV ran a quote from band publicist Janie Liszewski confirming that news. I called Liszewski for a confirmation of these comments. She happily obliged, stating that yes, Wolfgang Van Halen was the band’s new bassist, suggesting that this wasn’t news, as it was stated as such on Howard Stern by Eddie Van Halen in September. She also confirmed that the Van Halen trio – Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang were ‘busy in the studio, rehearsing and writing’. The rehearsing of course is for the aforementioned 2007 tour that the band’s management are currently shopping to prospective promoters. No confirmation as yet of the vocalist for next year’s Van Halen tour – but as stated in my original report, David Lee Roth is the singer that is being included in the package offered to concert promoters. I’m told Roth has not yet visited the Van Halen’s in the studio.

— Interesting news but the writing was on the wall. It’s not a Van Halen reunion without Michael Anthony, in my opinion. I’m sure Wolfgang Van Halen is talented but I’m not paying the money to see 3/4 of Van Halen, even with Diamond Dave. This move probably also seals the fate of the Hagar-era in Van Halen. I doubt Sammy would work in Van Halen again without Mike.