Quick post/moving/short hiatus

Just wanted to let everyone know that my family and I moved successfully to our new house. Of course I had to move the day it poured with 60 MPH winds!

Right now I am typing amongst the boxes. The good people at Cox Communications got the cable, phone, and computer up and running in no time. Unfortunately, I’m going to take the rest of the week off from posting. I will be checking in and responding to the comments. I have to help unpack because……I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING!!!

I know where my CD collection is because I’m staring at the boxes right now. Once my wife and I get the house put together (sort of) I will resume with the long-awaited posts on the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath….first I have to find the stereo!

Be back soon.

7 comments on “Quick post/moving/short hiatus

  1. Must be great to move to a new house. Everything is so new then. Anyway, i can harldy wait to read about TONY MARTIN era BLACK SABBATH. I realy love TONY MARTIN´S voice and love all the SABBATH albums with him. He is just great.
    Did you listen to the new EMPIRE album with TONY MARTIN??? Pure BLACK SABBATH. Very cool.

  2. Volkher – Thanks.

    Rene – It’s great to finally have our own house after renting the same apartment for 7 years. Everything is new and we have bought some new things (furniture, etc). Problem is that I can’t find anything! My wife, her best friend, and my mother-in-law unpacked a lot of things and I can’t find anything!

    As far as Tony Martin, I really enjoy the Martin era Sabbath. I have one Empire album with Tony on it but it’s not the latest release. His work with Dario Mollo (The Cage and The Cage II) is superb. An under-rated singer by far!

    David – Thanks. So far so good. I’m on vacation for 10 days starting Saturday so I will actually get to spend some time in the house without worrying about unpacking, moving, or work.

    Mike – The monsoon was awful but we got 99% of the stuff moved. Thank you U-Haul! The movers got the big furniture on Halloween morning and the new furniture was in 2 days prior. We’re here and almost all unpacked.

    DPTH – Thanks and I hope to be back this weekend.

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