Van Halen to tour with David Lee Roth in 2007


No more teasing. Never tease where Van Halen is concerned… I have information from a highly placed source that Van Halen will likely tour in 2007 with David Lee Roth as frontman.

Negotiations are currently underway to re-unite Van Halen with their original frontman for a tour in 2007 that will take in America and possibly other territories. While nothing in the world of Van Halen is set until the band walk out on stage, I can confirm that negotiations between all parties have been underway for some time, trying to put together a big 2007 reunion tour.

One would presume the tour will feature classic VH era songs only. What I do not yet know is whether this plan includes exiled bass player Michael Anthony. Perhaps Wolfgang will play bass? I’m told these questions will be answered shortly.

Van Halen last toured in 2004 with Sammy Hagar, but the tour ended on a sour note and Hagar has not talked to Eddie Van Halen since.

What I also know is that there will be no new Van Halen release to go with the tour, such as The Best Of Both World’s in 2004. There is no plans for a new compilation or a new studio album – just the tour.

More details when available.

— When it comes to Van Halen, Andrew at is very well connected and always seems to be dead on concerning any and all rumors on the band. We’ll have to wait and see again on this one but it should have happened in 1996/97. If Michael Anthony isn’t involved, that would be a shame.

10 comments on “Van Halen to tour with David Lee Roth in 2007

  1. If it does happen then I still think it’s ten years too late and I wouldn’t pay to see them at this point. Getting Michael Anthony involved probably won’t happen as the brothers Van Halen didn’t want him to do the last tour. As far as reunions goes, I would be far more interested in the Heaven and Hell thing than I would in this. The only good thing that could come out of this was if they release a vintage Roth era concert on dvd.

  2. Wow, heard it here first!!! I think it would be great if they really pull this off…but…I wouldn’t pay to see it either. I think I’ll go to my blog and post a story about the time I saw them from the front row back in 198?

  3. If this happened in 1996 after the infamous appearance at the MTV Awards, then I would have traveled the country… least New England.

    If Mike is in the band and tix are reasonable then I will go. It’s definitely not the “event” it was supposed to be 10 years ago.

  4. I missed something, I guess … what was the conflict with M.A.? After all the shit the band dealt with between DLR and Sammy and Cherone and DLR and Sammy … and then something drove Michael out??

    — david

  5. You’d better not be screwing with me the way MTV did 10 years ago when they brought back DLR and then Eddie kicked him out back stage! I’d be all over that concert if it happened!

  6. David – The conflict between Ed and Mike stems from the fact that Mike and Sammy are close friends and Ed and Sammy are on the outs. I’ve read where Ed wasn’t happy with Mike touring with Sammy the last few years, even though Mike was trying to get Dave going for a reunion during the Sam & Dave Tour.

    Mike – Andrew at is usually right on when it comes to this sort of thing. It’s wait and see and it might not even happen but it’s the only way that Van Halen can go now. If the brothers VH won’t get it together with Hagar, then they only have Roth as an option.

  7. Michael pissed the VH brothers off when he sided with Sammy in their fued by refusing to blow him off, and even continued to play with Sammy. Won’t be a VH reunion with fat little Wolfie VH playing bass. Not at all.

    Fuck Eddie.

  8. Wasn’t it shortly after ‘Best of Volume 1′ that Eddie mentioned there would be no tour w/Diamond Dave due to his vocals? He mentioned time after time, they had a hard time laying down the track for ‘Me Wise Magic’ and that it would be an injustice for the fans to hear Dave sound like shit on stage? I agree that DD is the ONLY option since Sammy & now Michael Anthony got screwed. It goes to show you how much Eddie is a pain in the ass & how it’s the Eddie/Alex show. It’s a dirty shame.

  9. Bone – I remember EVH saying Dave wasn’t up to par in the studio, hence no tour. That could have been fixed though, Dave could have practised more, vocal coaching, etc.

    I read an interview with Mike Anthony a year ago or so, translated from BURRRN! Magazine (Japanese), I believe he said it was more personality conflicts between EVH and DLR that derailed the reunion.

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