Van Halen to tour with David Lee Roth in 2007


No more teasing. Never tease where Van Halen is concerned… I have information from a highly placed source that Van Halen will likely tour in 2007 with David Lee Roth as frontman.

Negotiations are currently underway to re-unite Van Halen with their original frontman for a tour in 2007 that will take in America and possibly other territories. While nothing in the world of Van Halen is set until the band walk out on stage, I can confirm that negotiations between all parties have been underway for some time, trying to put together a big 2007 reunion tour.

One would presume the tour will feature classic VH era songs only. What I do not yet know is whether this plan includes exiled bass player Michael Anthony. Perhaps Wolfgang will play bass? I’m told these questions will be answered shortly.

Van Halen last toured in 2004 with Sammy Hagar, but the tour ended on a sour note and Hagar has not talked to Eddie Van Halen since.

What I also know is that there will be no new Van Halen release to go with the tour, such as The Best Of Both World’s in 2004. There is no plans for a new compilation or a new studio album – just the tour.

More details when available.

— When it comes to Van Halen, Andrew at is very well connected and always seems to be dead on concerning any and all rumors on the band. We’ll have to wait and see again on this one but it should have happened in 1996/97. If Michael Anthony isn’t involved, that would be a shame.