New Release Tuesday – 10/24/06 – The Paul Stanley edition

Nothing is better than a Tuesday…..especially when one of your favorite singers, one of your favorite Rock heroes, releases a new album. Today is Paul Stanley Day in my house. I am a HUGE KISS fan and Paul’s new solo album, LIVE TO WIN, is the closest thing to a full blown KISS album I think fans will get.

I was at the door of Newbury Comics in North Attleboro, MA at 9:30am. No line like back in the day but I was first in “line” for the doors at 10am. They know me at this record store, the employees see me a few times a week, so it was no surprise to them that I beat them there this morning. There were six other customers in the parking lot, a couple I recognized from previous Tuesdays that are Metal fans. The early bird catches the first copies, so I knew I had to grab Paul’s solo and get the rest on my list quick. My copy was at the register so I was all set but there was so much more to buy!

  • Paul Stanley – Live To Win — $11.88
  • Krokus – Hellraiser — $10.88 : Couldn’t pass this one up for the price or the band. Online shops have had this for about a month for $20+ so I stayed away. Kudos to Locomotive Records for releasing this in the States. Only one copy to be spared this day so I snagged it right away.
  • Trouble – Psalm 9  & The Skull reissues — $9.99 each : I called the night before when the store got their shipment so I knew they one copy each of these classy reissues. Trouble is one of those great Doom bands that I can’t get enough of. Each package includes a bonus DVD with live performances. A great CD and a DVD for ten bucks! If more labels put this kind of package together for great bands, I’d go bankrupt!
  • Angra – Aurora Consurgens — $10.88 : I got into Angra in 1998 with their excellent album, FIREWORKS. An awesome Power/Progressive Metal band from Brazil that I consider one of the truly great bands outside the U.S. and Europe. The band changed singers after FIREWORKS and the band hasn’t lost a step. They have now released four albums, an E.P., and a live DVD since 2001.

Some observations:

I was a little disappointed that there was only one copy of the new Krokus, I’d like them to tour here again so I can catch them live. They won’t do it unless they see the can make some cash, selling a couple of CDs would help. I was also disappointed, and so was the Metal dude I beat in the store, that only one copy each of the Trouble reissues was stocked. I got’em, so I’m a happy guy. I was going to pick up the Def Leppard – Hysteria Deluxe Edition (2 CD set with B-sides, live tracks, etc.) but it was $25.99.  Make it $18 and it’s a deal!

Nice to see 20 copies of Paul’s solo displayed and more in the rack under KISS. Angra also had a decent showing with about a dozen copies displayed, two of which were bought by a couple of guys ahead of me at the register. Nice to see there are Metal fans out there! Skid Row also released their new album today and were well-stocked and on sale. I still passed, I’m sure I’ll get a used copy in a couple of months under nine bucks.

Next Week – KISSology box set