State of the blog update

With all the blogs/websites going on hiatus lately, and the posts here getting slimmer, I thought I would take the time and give my loyal readers out there a quick update on what been going on.

I am still actively listening, shopping, and reviewing albums. I am still keeping track of the latest in Metal news and industry happenings. Problem is that I am running low on time!

As some of you know, my wife and I just bought a house and we move on Halloween. As great as it is, the packing and living among boxes is taking it’s toll. If you could see my apartment, you would gaze upon a sea of boxes and a landscape devoid of personal flair. We have packed all non-essential items and trashed/donated all unnecessary belongings. We are down to the bare minimum right now except for the kids, who still have toys to play with and DVDs to watch. My CD/DVD collection is packed up in banana boxes so it’s a little harder to reference them or pull them out to play. I still have the more recent purchases (about 100 CDs) and my KISS kollection within reach so I don’t go insane! The packing has taken up a ton of free time and I expect the unpacking will as well when we finally move to the new house.

Some of you also know I have been a 3rd shifter for the last 10 years. Well, the powers that be have decided to move my shift from 12am-8am to the more annoying 6pm-2am. Yes, it sucks. Yes, my days of listening to six CDs a night are gone. Yes, I am stressed out beyond belief. Nothing is worse than being in a routine and planning your life accordingly and then having the proverbial rug pulled out from under you. It could always be worse, I could have been put on 1st shift and I would have no one to watch my kids during the day.

Add in my daughter’s soccer games, dance recitals, my New England Patriots season tickets, the NFL on TV, and fantasy football…..the barrel is starting to overflow!

With that said, I am going to try and keep to a schedule of posting a few times a week rather then everyday until things start to fall into place with the new house, work, and the extracurricular activities. My vacation is right after Halloween, the first full week of November, so I expect to resume daily posts then. In the meantime, I hope you stay tuned to this channel. Two of the posts I am working on right now is one about the Tony Martin-era of Black Sabbath and a review of the new UFO album, THE MONKEY PUZZLE.

In the meantime, I will still be responding to all comments and any emails that come my way. Thanks for all the feedback and thanks for stopping by.