Ebay Madness – Kidd Wikkid = $394

Posted: October 11, 2006 in Ebay Madness

Kidd Wikkid CD from completed auction

Kidd Wikkid ends at $394 – This is one of those CDs that many collector’s dream about owning and end up paying the highest prices. Almost $400 for an independent release is way too much in my opinion. I just downloaded a copy from a website I belong to but I haven’t burned a CD yet or listened to it. More info can be found on Kidd Wikkid via Heavy Harmonies.

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  1. Metal Mark says:

    Never heard it, but know of them. There were some rumors about a re-release at some point, but that was probably just rumor.

  2. I believe that Retrospect Records had a line on re-releasing this but that isn’t happening anymore.

  3. dave says:

    There was an album by Therapy? called Semi Detached and they wanted £139.99 for it on Amazon,the same package on ebay had got a bid of £5.99,absolutely crazy.

  4. Michael says:

    What website did you download that copy of Kidd Wikkid from?

  5. It was one of those bit-torrent sites but it has been taken down.

  6. mewiseman says:

    Sold one for $970…not bad huh? Got a burnt copy still and a disc image.

  7. [...] was safe again on Ebay, the Kidd Wikkid CD strikes again! I’ve featured this CD twice before: October 2006 when it sold for $394 and June 2007 when it dropped to a mere $232.48! Everytime I come across this CD I always see it go [...]

  8. liaamaaa says:

    you guys a retarded i know them and no one was ever going to make a re release and i have a sealed copy of they’re cd and like two opened

  9. Dethchilde says:

    I was roommates w/ Kevin, the drummer, from ’96 – ’97, and have known all the guys since ’91. Kevin and Patrick(Lead singer) are currently in a band called Hairmaggedon, based in Seattle. As of last fall, Kev had mentioned something about re-mastering and re-releasing, but it is just here say right now as ALL of the former members have to agree to a re-release.

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