Blog Love – Lefsetz Letter

One of my favorite blogs is the Lefsetz Letter. Author Bob Lefsetz has been publishing his newsletter for the last 20 years in various formats and has moved to blog form. As an industry insider for years, Bob is able to give us some interesting insight into the dynamics of the music industry past, present, and future. Some of the current topics have included: downloading, media prices, label politics, and Tower Records. A wide range of music and eras is discussed and reader feedback is always provided.

What I really find interesting is that there are so many people from the industry that read the Lefsetz Letter and respond: Al Kooper, Eddie Kramer, Bob Ezrin, Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), and a host of people from label executives to band managers to record store clerks to roadies.

Follow the link above and subscribe at the website for up-to-date posts. There is usually one email a day but I have received up to five daily posts in my inbox. It’s a great read.

4 comments on “Blog Love – Lefsetz Letter

  1. Have to agree with you. I stumbled on this several weeks ago and someone from Queensyrche’s management or label back in the day wrote in. I vowed to read the blog often, but haven’t yet done so. I think Lefsetz himself may be affiliated with Sanctuary Records.

  2. Thanks for the tip, will check it out. I feel bad – I haven’t been here in awhile and you changed your whole look! I thought I was in the wrong place at first!!!

  3. HI. Just back to say I feel really stupid because this IS NOT the blog I thought it was! I have yours right above his and the titles are almost the same. Sorry! You haven’t changed your look, I’ve just lost my mind!


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