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Today is the best day of the week…..new release Tuesday. Unfortunately, there is nothing coming out that really excites me. Sorry, let me rephrase that. There is nothing coming out at the local shop that excites me. I just got the weekly e-newsletter and there is no sighting of the new albums by Quiet Riot or Wolf. Looks like I’ll be ordering online tomorrow!

There is a big advertisement for the new Evanescence disc but they are old news and they weren’t that good anyway. I’ve heard better bands do the same type of female-fronted Metal: The Gathering, Within Temptation, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, Lacuna Coil, Trail Of Tears, and Nightwish. I have the first Evanescence CD, it’s still wrapped in the cellophane, it was a gift.

The new UFO album, The Monkey Puzzle, has a slight “glitch”. During song #9, ‘Good Bye You’, there is a quick skip or cut-out. It lasts half a second so it’s annoying but tolerable. Just a little problem at the pressing plant. The band and their label, SPV, have been alerted and they are trying to solve the problem. The email I received this morning from the UFO website stated that if I returned the CD (sans inserts) and my sales receipt to the given address in Germany, a new “glitch-free” CD will be sent right away. The UFO album came out a couple of weeks ago, my receipt is long gone, looks like I’m out of luck.

My wife and I just bought a house. It’s a nice house, plenty of room for us and the two kids to grow into. Right now we are packing as our closing is at the end of the month and we have to be out of our apartment by November 1st. The biggest problem: How do we pack up all the CDs? After living here for seven years, my collection has easily doubled and it’s a pain to move them. You should see me try and move them when we rearrange furniture, it’s a major project. The CDs are the last thing to be moved and I won’t let anyone pack them or transfer them to the new house. Second problem: How do I store them at the new house? I have three natural wood cases that all stand over 6 ft. tall. They cost about $125 from a custom shop in Boston, MA. Very nice and economical. The underlying problem is that the master bedroom has slanted ceilings so nothing over 5’5″ will fit against the walls making my cases obsolete. The alternative is put them in our new living room but the wife has a problem with that. I have marital approval for new cases and I am looking hard at my dream storage units: Can-Am Cabinets. Extremely pricey though.

I listened to one of my favorite albums the other night, W.A.S.P. The Last Command. They were a good band back in the day but I find that their new material is boring. The Last Command was just straight up Hard Rock: sex, booze, Rock’n’Roll. The concept albums (The Crimson Idol, Neon God Pt. 1 & 2) bore me. Give me the straight up stuff like The Last Command and stop trying to be “intellectual”.

I read online somewhere that Great White is thinking of making a comeback with a new studio album and tour. With all that has happened since the Station Nightclub Fire in 2003, does anyone think the band should try and resurrect their career? I had some personal experiences with the fire, I wasn’t there but I was supposed to go. I have followed the story, the court cases, and supported the charities for the victims/families. As a regular at The Station, it was a truly horrifying tragedy, I haven’t really listened to Great White since. I think they SHOULD try and jump start their music career…..but I think that a decent portion of any profits from a new album oe tour should go to the victims and families.

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7 comments on “Random thoughts

  1. Congratulations on the house. I like WASP a lot and I enjoy most of their albums. The last command might be third favorite, but I like the Crimson Idol and the Headless children better. Hope you get your cd situation solved. Theo at Metal mixtape was talking about the Great White situation the other day.

  2. Congrats on the house. I’m sure the kids will love it. Now you can crank Twisted Sister (or whatever) as loud as you want!

    I heard about the Great White thing also. Why shouldn’t they tour? Tragety happens and it sucks, but they have to try to move on. I think they’d be ok.

  3. Hey, new house! Congratulations.

    “have marital approval for new cases …” made me laugh out loud. The wife might like the CanAms much better, but at that price I think you might be risking your marriage. ;)

    That UFO glitch sucks. They should let anyone send in the CD … hell, how many people bought the UFO CD? I don’t think anyone is going to steal 3 million CDs sans booklet to exchange them for new CDs (unless said person has an IQ of 0)? The honest customer is the dumb one once again.

    I’m having a drink on you and your new house now … join me. :)

  4. Volkher – Sarah, my wife, asked me to send her the link for Can-Am so she could research it. She figured it would cost close to $2000 to buy what I need. I’d love to have them but I know I can find a better solution and use some of that money on new albums. I’ve made some trips to IKEA to get some ideas.

    The UFO glitch does suck but I have been contacted and I don’t need the receipt if I can provide the place/price/date of purchase, My problem is sending the disc to Germany and waiting…..and waiting…..and waiting for the new one to arrive.

    I raise my Diet Coke with you! Cheers!

    You heavy metal … whimp. ;)

    I added Venezoelean Cacique rum to my full-flavoured regular Coke.

    Yeah, I’ve had the same problems many times these past years. I’d love to have some CanAms or some other expensive storage solution, but I don’t see why the furniture should cost a multiple amount of what they’re holding. The music is where it’s at … that’s why I still have that cheap-sh*t IKEA stuff … which has served me well though.

    Post a pic somewhere when you’ve decided how, when and where to do it (storing your music, that is). :)


  6. Volkher – I agree, why should the storage unit be more expensive than the actual things it would store? The IKEA is about 30 minutes away so its an easy ride. I have been looking into the BILLY or IVAR shelving but I haven’t found the solution…..yet. I am going to do a “before/after” photo shoot of my collection when we get closer to packing.

    At least I hoisted the Diet Coke, I’ve also enjoyed some Yoo-Hoo this morning as well!

  7. You have a point about the Evanesence band, mind you their first album “Fallen” is pretty damn catchy. The new one is kinda forgetable. I would suggest giving it a shot. And a little trivia for ya. “(My)Tourniquet” is a cover of a christian death metal band called Soul Embraced. drop that tidbit into conversation and watch people not care …. (cough) Anyways, if ya feel like cracking it open, or if you figure resale is better in its package … your choice. I thought it was pretty good.


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