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Posted: September 8, 2006 in Band Websites

Jason Becker.com

Many of you may remember guitar phenom Jason Becker from his time in David Lee Roth’s solo band, recording on the A Little Ain’t Enough album. Maybe you remember him from his early days in Cacophony. Maybe you remember him as being one of the hottest young guitarists of the late ’80s/early ’90s.

What you may not know is that Jason was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) during his tenure with DLR and he has lived a productive life since the disease started to take hold. According to Jason, he has actually improved over the last few years. Amazing!

The Metal Sludge website has an interview with Jason in it’s archives, it’s very inspiring. Jason’s website and life story is an absolute tribute to the undying human spirit. Aside from being a brilliant musician, he is a brilliant human being.

Please take a few minutes to take a visit…..

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  1. David Amulet says:

    That is a great story–it’s nice to see somebody fighting something so dreadful … and WINNING.

    – david

  2. Theodore says:

    I have a CD of his post-ALS solo compositions played by other musicians. It’s called Perspective and you can just feel the love coming off that CD.

  3. ltta says:

    i dont know what to say about this man… he is still my favorite guitarist all time…..

  4. yus says:

    he’s a great guitarist.the man who have a good innerfire n soul

  5. Carlos says:

    I was reading a review on Jason and they said something about a movie after his song End of the Begining. Was it really gonna be a movie? or has it become one yet?

  6. Joakin says:

    Jason Becker… this gut is onw of my daily life inspirations, both as a musician and as a human being

  7. Joakin says:

    sorry, typing errors, I ment “…this guy is one…”

  8. jason robledo says:

    sigue adelante jason

  9. andre says:

    jason only want god that recive your healthy

  10. Iwan Cumi says:

    Jason still encourages me to be better both in living my life or my ability in playing guitar

  11. nestor marra says:

    DESDE ARGENTINA: REALLY YOU`RE INVINCIBLE…!!!viernes, 10 de abril de 2009, 12:52 am
    De: “nèstor marra” Agregar remitente a ContactosPara: jasonbecker@intres.comDEAR JASON:
    My english isn`t so good enought, so I`m gonna write in spanish, I`m shure that someone can read it to you in your language.

    Me llamo Nèstor Marra y soy de Argentina, tambièn soy gutarrista, pero creo que vos con dos dedos solamente tocarìas lo que yo toco…

    Tengo 40 años, y tengo una esposa y dos niños, 1 girl (07 years old) y 1 boy (03 years old), Desde que era joven conozco tus trabajos, tengo tu discografìa completa y creo que para tocar tu mùsica yo necesitarìa 10 pares de manos, por lo menos…

    Pero dejemos la guitarra de lado por un momento, si bien me parece excepcional tu trabajo, lo que habla de una persona sumamente inteligente, con una sensitividad superior a la normal, que termina por generar un talento ùnico, aùn màs me conmoviò tu historia, yo no sabìa que habias enfermado, pensaba que solamente habìas salido del ambiente artìstico, y, al enterarme, realmente no podìa creerlo, pero tambièn soy una persona muy realista, y digo que los problemas estàn para ser solucionados, siempre se puede dar batalla, no hay peor intento que el que no se hace, y tu actitud es lo que màs me motivò a escribirte, ojalà hubiera màs personas como tù que ante semejante encrucijada pelean como hèroes, y siguen dando pelea sin rendirse,

    Otra de las cosas que me causò gran tisteza fue la parte de atràs del album “perspectives”, donde se ve una guitarra abandonada en el desierto, destrozada, te juro que matarìa a quien haya ideado la enfermedad que te tortura, te darìa mis manos para que pudieras tocar, (pero no te van a servir de mucho, vas a necesitar 10 o 12 pares de manos de las mìas para tocar la mitad…)

    En fin, y para terminar, te mando un abrazo interminable y espero que no dejes de componer tu mùsica (no se consiguen buenos profesores ùltimamente…), ojalà podamos conocernos personalmente algùn dìa y te juro que todas mis plegarias te acompañan para que mejores cada dìa.

  12. cesar says:

    hola mi amigo, my English is not good but I’ll tray my best to tell you that you are the best guitarist ever lived and going to be that way in till’ the end, never give up you can still do a lot my friend, keep rocking n rolling, un amigo de Puerto Rico.

  13. Vinny Becker says:

    Many years ago I took lessons from a friend of Marty’s and used to play with you guys i’ve talk to Marty a couple of times in the past when you first got als I just wanted to say thanks jason for the years of your music and what ever comes next your music will live in the harts and souls of your fans forever

  14. harold says:

    el es el mejor guitarrista de todos y despues de su enfermedad y siguio componiendo

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