KISS to tour with Queen + Paul Rodgers in 2007?

From KISS Kollector:

In an interview on the Dudley & Bob morning show, on Austin’s Classic Rock station KLBJ, Gene Simmons stated that KISS will take out Queen + Paul Rodgers on the band’s 2007 tour. Gene said that both bands had talked during VH1’s Rock Honors show and – in true Gene style – in the interview he claims: “Queen is playing with us, we’re not playing with Queen.”


Gene leaked the information early when KISS toured with Aerosmith in 2003, tickets were around $100+ each for decent seats at the Tweeter Center in MA. $100+ for an outdoor seat under a roof…..I paid it…..for two nights!

I saw Queen + Paul Rodgers this past Fall and I paid $100+ for a really close seat at the DCU Center in Worcestor, MA. It was a good show and a fitting tribute to Freddie Mercury, Queen’s music, and Paul Rodgers’ music. It was surprising how well Paul fit in with Roger Taylor and Brian May playing songs that were instantly identifiable with Mr. Mercury.

It’s not surprising that Gene may have gotten the bill together at the VH-1 Rock honors, look at the bands present: Queen, Judas Priest, and Def Leppard. By process of elimination, Queen is the choice. Priest is in the studio and Def Leppard is out with Journey now. KISS could have gone with either band, I think Judas Priest would have given them a run for their money, Def Leppard would be a decent opener.

Queen is a big name. Big name = big money. Big money = Gene happy.

At least we know the next tour is 2007, probably Summer 2007. Now if they could just get Ace Frehley back……