Poison members involved in onstage fight – breakup?

In Atlanta the other night, Bret Michaels and Bobby Dall got into a bit of a scuffle at the end of their show. Bret threw his mic at Bobby, Bobby threw his bass at Bret (hit him in the leg), and then the fists came up. The road crew came out to break it up.

Bret came out after and apologized to the crowd saying that “it could be the last show for the original lineup”. There is a Youtube video here, it’s poor quality but you can see the green bass get thrown and Bret taking a “fighter’s stance”. If you head to Metal Sludge, they have a ton of email from people who were there, including video of Bret’s apology to the crowd.

Shuffle mode – the “everyone else is doing it it” edition

Seems like the popular thing to do lately is put your MP3 player on Shuffle and post what comes up. Why should I be any different?

Tale of the tape:

Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
2665 tracks
224 albums

Here’s the first 20 songs that came up (band-song-album):

  1. Judas Priest – Electric Eye  (’98 Live Meltdown)
  2. KISS – See You In Your Dreams  (Gene Simmons)
  3. KISS – I Still Love You (Unplugged)
  4. Def Leppard – Sorrow Is A Woman (On Through The Night)
  5. Triumph – Magic Power (Live at the US Festival)
  6. Queensryche – An Intentional Confrontation (Operation: Mindcrime II)
  7. Styx – Blue Collar Man (Greatest Hits)
  8. Scorpions – Blackout (World Wide Live)
  9. Mogg-Way – House Of Pain (Edge Of The World)
  10. Pantera – Power Metal (Power Metal)
  11. Krokus – She Drives Me Crazy (Stampede)
  12. Saxon – Circle Of Light (Unleash The Beast)
  13. Saxon – Burning Wheels (Dogs Of War)
  14. Alcatrazz – Dangerous Games (Dangerous Games)
  15. KISS – Parasite (Alive!)
  16. Judas Priest – Machine Man (Demolition)
  17. Saxon – Hungry Years (Strong Arm Of The Law)
  18. Westworld – Look To See (Cyberdreams)
  19. Billy Joel – The Stranger (Complete Hits Collection ’73-’97)
  20. Black Sabbath – The Wizard (Cross Purposes Live)