New music from Queen & Paul Rodgers?

Launch Radio Networks reports:

After successful tours of Europe, Japan, and North America, it looks like QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS have decided to continue their working relationship with some new material. A message on QUEEN guitarist Brian May’s web site reads, “We will be heading into the studio in October… There was an intent there for a while, but we have all been busy picking up our lives in different ways… but now it really looks as if we are on… We will take it gently at first, the priority being to feel good, and put ourselves in the mood to create.” More information is forthcoming, and it should be noted that a source close to Rodgers didn’t deny May’s story.

May also said the October sessions would be held “at a secret location,” and, while that location hasn’t been announced, it’s worth noting that Rodgers and his band, which includes former HEART guitarist Howard Leese, have booked a U.K. tour for October.

There are no plans for May and QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor to join Rodgers onstage. May said, “It will be good to see the Paul Rodgers we all grew up with, doing his own material, from FREE to BAD COMPANY and THE FIRM, plus, I’m sure, a good helping of the pure blues material which is such a main artery of Paul’s music.”

3 comments on “New music from Queen & Paul Rodgers?

  1. Although I recgnize that Freddie can never be replaced, I think Paul’s voice is very good with Queen’s music.

    As long as they call it “Queen and Paul Rodgers” and not “Queen,” I’m happy.

    — david

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