My frustration with learning guitar

I never picked up a guitar until a couple of months ago. I bought a nice Takamine acoustic and my father-in-law, who is a very good guitar player, taught me some chords. When he’s there, I can do them. When I practice alone, I have major trouble. My father-in-law and I work different schedules so we get to sit down and play maybe once a week.

So I practice when I can, that means when my kids aren’t around. Sometimes I get an hour in, sometimes two, every day…..I’m trying. I really want to play and I want to learn but it’s just not coming. I pick things up very easily, I learn and retain quickly. but learning to play guitar has been a struggle, I can’t get my fingers positioned properly. I admit to being a little intimidated as well.

I’m sure someone out there plays a mean guitar…..any tips for a beginner?