New Release Tuesday – 8/22/06

Some major new releases have come out between last Tuesday (8/15) and today and I’ve been forced to hold off buying them for fear someone already bought them for my birthday.

Never happened, no CDs this year…..but plenty of gift cards to Newbury Comics (local shop)!

Armed with a gift card and some loose cash, I packed the kids in the car and headed of to the shop to buy 2 things: the new Iron Maiden single and Mastodon – Leviathan.

Did I get them? No…..they only got 1 copy of the Maiden single and they were out of Mastodon.

Two notable releases of the last week were still on sale:

  • Slayer – Christ Illusion – $12
  • Lamb Of God – Sacrament – $10

…..but I passed and I’m still kicking myself. Here’s what I snagged:

  1. The SwordAge Of Winters ($13): I’ve read glowing reviews in print and online so I took the plunge.
  2. .38 SpecialTour De Force ($4 used): Needed this to complete the .38 Special collection. Used to have a dubbed copy back in the day.
  3. Alice CooperKiller, Love It To Death, and School’s Out ($8 each): Filling major holes in the Alice collection…..8 bucks for new sealed discs ain’t bad.
  4. Rainbow Live In Munich 1977 DVD ($12)

I almost pulled the trigger on the four Motorhead remasters I still need and that special edition Queen – A Night At The Opera keeps calling my name. The Sword has been on the list to buy since I read their review in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most anticipated purchase that was also released today:

Madden 07 (for Playstation 2) ($50) – Football is year round for me but the season always officially starts for me when I fire up the new Madden. My kids usually get me the new version for my birthday but, this year, it came out a week late (my birthday was the 16th).

3 comments on “New Release Tuesday – 8/22/06

  1. The Sword is my favorite album of the year so far. It’s a lot like Sabbath and early Sleep. It’s one of the most real metal albums I have heard in some time. I just found out they are coming around in the fall opening for Trivium. Unfortunately it’s a week night so I can’t go because I am watching the kids.

  2. Oh, I am excited about football season as well. I just want to Jevon Walker take the field some time soon though. I was also sad to see that Aaron Brooks had a good game the other night. Nothing personal, but you put on the silver and black then you deserve to be hated.

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