KISS Fragrance

KISS Fragrance

KISS Fragrance for men and women……..why?

Here’s the official news from KISSonline:

Over the next few weeks KISSONLINE will bring you new KISS Fragrance product photos and info on various promotions that will celebrate the release of the KISS Fragrance line! Pictured here are the women’s and men’s KISS fragrance bottles. The countdown begins! Only 20 days left until KISS Fragrances are rockin’ the following retailers: BELK, BOSCOVS, DILLARDS, GOTTCHALKS, PARISIANS, ULTA and VIRGIN MEGA STORES (Selective Sizes). Visit each store for different promotional events and public appearances by GENE SIMMONS!

Again I ask………why? Will this actually sell? Is it necessary? Shouldn’t the priority be a new album, getting Ace back, or maybe some vintage KISS audio or video?

If it wasn’t for Paul’s new album dropping soon, I’d be really pissed!

9 comments on “KISS Fragrance

  1. Will it sell? Hell yes it will, if only for a first-time gag gift or for some die hard fan who has everything else in the inventory.

    I’m just afraid of exactly how it would smell. :)

  2. It is so…..sad. Is there an actual market for this? sure, the gag gift is one, but will consumers buy it?

    I wonder if the scents are different for the band members:

    Gene – The Smell Of Money
    Paul – Hairy Chest
    Ace – Patchouli
    Peter – Litter box

  3. When I think of Kiss, especially Gene Simmons, and someone mentions the words smell or perfume, the picture I get in my mind is more of “fragrunts” than fragrance. It might be said of many rock stars that they are “fragrunt”.

  4. it doesnt smell as bad as everybody thinks!!! seriously i own all 4 diff. bottles they all smell the same though. REALLY GOOD!!

  5. I love Kiss for Her. It stops men in their tracks.
    I get tons of compliments from men when I wear it!
    My man says it turns him on instantly!

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