Where Are You? Vinnie Vincent

I just got through watching the video for ‘Love Kills’ by the Vinnie Vincent Invasion on VH-1 Classic, that is a damn good song!

I am one of those KISS fans that appreciate Vinnie Vincent. I take a lot of crap for that because many KISS fans believe the propaganda from Mr. Simmons and Mr. Stanley that Vinnie was a greedy egomaniac. While the truth will never truly be told about what went on behind the scenes in KISS with him on lead guitar, I maintain that Vinnie Vincent was vital to KISS’ resurgence in the early ’80s.

The guy can write good songs, bottom line. Take a look at the credits for Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up, Vinnie co-wrote on some of the best songs on each album. Vinnie also shreds with the best of them. I don’t prefer the “frenzied finger attack” that shredders use but Vinnie Vincent was able to play ballsy and simple as much as he played over-the-top. The guy comes up with some truly unique leads and solos. Take a listen to the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album to see what I mean. The follow-up, All Systems Go, is even better, one of the most underrated albums from the late ’80s.

So where is he? Where is Vinnie Vincent?

I have no idea, he has been out of the spotlight since 1989. Vinnie did show up briefly when he sued Gene and Paul for unpaid KISS royalties and he was also in the news when his wife was reported missing and, unfortunately, found murdered. On a more positive note, Vinnie did co-write a few songs with Gene Simmons on KISS’ 1992 comeback album, Revenge. (NOTE: If Vinnie is such a band pariah, why did Gene & Paul bring the guy in to write for a new KISS album, one that showcased a stronger and harder KISS).

If anyone has any further info, I’d appreciate it. In the meantime, head to the Pyromessiah website and check it out.

60 comments on “Where Are You? Vinnie Vincent

  1. I copied this from Blabbermouth because I remembered seeing it earlier this year.

    “On Saturday, January 7, “The Classic Metal Show” will be airing the “lost” Vinnie Vincent (ex-KISS) album “Guitars from Hell” that he recorded circa 1991 but then never saw the light of day. Vinnie had released two albums with his band VINNIE VINCENT INVASION — the 1986 self-titled debut album and 1988’s “All Systems Go”. Once the band was dropped by Chrysalis Records, half the group (bassist Dana Strum and vocalist Mark Slaughter) went on to form SLAUGHTER while Vinnie recorded demos with other musicians around 1989-1990. A year later, he worked on his “Guitars from Hell” project with singer Robert Fleischman (who sang lead on the first VVI album), but the album never saw the light of day.”

    Does not tell what he is doing now, but I found it interesting.

  2. I remember Vinnie going into the studio and nothing coming out. Then Vinnie had a box set on Metaluna Records (his label). You could pre-order it for $250 from Vinnie, some people did, and it never came out.

    Talented guy, I’d love to hear Guitars From Hell.

  3. Vinnie put out a limited edition ep in 1996 & appeared at a few Kiss Expos.
    But when his ex wife was murdered in 1998 he took on being a full time dad of the couple’s teenage twins.
    Since then he appeared at a photo shoot & signing for the ill fated Kiss store in Australia in 2004.
    Rumours in 2005 had Vinnie linked with a position in a supergroup featuring David Lee Roth & Tommy Lee but these were denied by various sources.
    More recently photos appeared on Kisskollector featuring a pink double V Jackson shark fin which was being ‘secretly’ produced.
    The implication being that Vinnie was set to re-enter the music scene.
    To be frank I think the bancruptcy & personal tragedy would make it difficult.
    In the meantime check out Vinnie’s appearance with Dan Hartman on Youtube.

  4. RAB – I have the Eurphoria EP as well as the recently released Archives Vol.1. I remember him appearing in makeup and costume at some KISS conventions, I also remember Gene and Paul putting the courts on him for it.

    I didn’t know he had twins, I give him credit for taking charge after his wife’s murder and working the hardest job of all…..parenthood. I’ve seen the new photos of the new Jackson guitar, my hope is that VV gets back in the scene.

  5. From Blabbermouth 25 August 2006:

    According to a posting at EdRomanGuitars.com, Vinnie will tentatively be appearing informally to “shred the walls down” at the Ed Roman Guitars location in Las Vegas.
    “He will be jamming and previewing some new tracks, and promoting the new Ed Roman Vinnie Vincent guitar,” the posting reads. More information will be made available son.

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  7. This is apparently an official Vinnie Vincent message board set up by the man himself in order to taste the waters for his forthcoming 2008 release just called “Vincent”

  8. I e-mailed Robert Fleischman (Vinnie Vincent Invasion) about the possibility of doing any work with Vinnie in the future. I even asked about being the next VVI bass player. Robert said that he hadn’t heard from Vinnie in a very long time and that the “Guitarmageddon” album never came out because nobody could deal with Vinnie. He said he was not interested in any VV projects.

  9. Hi, I am a great Vinnie Vincent fan and want to know, what does Vinnie do
    now? I have the cds Invasion, all systems go, guitars from hell, Ep, the Ballads of, the Video Metal tech and the oldest cd treasures. There is Dan Hartman singing. These are all very great tracks.

    I like to see Vinnie life one time in my life.
    Where is Vinnie Vincent Cusano?? What does he do now?

    sorry, my english is not so good.

  10. i saw a lot of posts over at vinnievincent.com
    he was spotted on Tennessee driving a convertible
    he looks the same except because its bald and he is always carrying a case,he is really tiny !

  11. I read a few months ago that Vinnie has taken up the job of (of all things) a chef, but I have no Idea where he is.

    In that article he said that he was “flattered” that people were asking about him, but “I’m in my 50s now, and I’m not sure that my music is relevant now”. I don’t think that’s really valid, because Yngwie is still around, and Michael Angelo Batio still works, so why not Vinnie?

    Hell– Ace Frehley is 58 and he still plays live even without a new album out in 6 years, and has fun with it.

    Are the labels afraid to touch Vinnie?

  12. Vinnie must have a good surprise for his fans,the Chef article is a fake,but Vinnie is alive and kicking,check vinnievincent.com

  13. i love vinnie vincent too,very much and i may be just 14 but i know alot more than i should about KISS and vinnie vincent…and i have searched so many days and nights basicly whenver i can and i really wanna know is he ok?? its killing me to know that i’m gonna wake up and one of my heros (KISS) or my love (vinnie vincent) is gonna be dead..just plz someone tell me is he alive and well and what is he doing?i dont even care about the second question just anser the first…please?

  14. so many ppl are saying hes dead and so little are saying hes alive…someone just give me proof its driving me crazy!!this sounds stupid coming from a 14 year old i’m aware of it but i havent ate in days just drank alot because of this..IS HE ALIVE???PLZZZZ JUST HELP ME!!!!

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  16. Vinnie Vincent is at home,he surfs the internet,watches tv,feed his pets and he is retired from music since the late 90’s,he does not care about his musician past anymore and lives with his wife. The Chef rumours are not true,a new interview would be cool but it seems he doesnt want to be bothered at all

  17. to my understanding that this was the last gig of Vinnie. Features Warmachine and Lick it Up. But i havent heard a solo guessing because of the kiss rights issues. We gotta find him. There is one guy who says he is Vinnie, by saying “im rite here man, watching my self on youtube. i cant believe i had the world in my hands. i had to oppurtunities and blew them…. ur idol Vinnie” But i think it is a hoax. http://www.youtube.com/user/believin13 thats the link to this vinnie imposters youtube. There is a picture of him but it is quite small.

  18. It would be so great to see vinnie again ive been trying to find out for ages how he looks now i keep forgetting hes old cause you only see interviews of him when hes young but maybe since the death of his wife he finds it hard to cope

  19. Guys the wait is over.
    Vinnie has released a replica purchasable model of his Pink guitar!
    This is True!
    He is starting again folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Its a shame. I lived next door to his parents and one of his sisters. After he wasnt there when his father died and when his ex was killed didnt come back to take care of the twin daughters nobody in the family really says anything. As far as music he was one of my biggest idols, as a person i feel sorry for him.

  21. Hello !
    Anybody know why VVI did break up (Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum / Vinnie Vincent) ? Thanks and sorry for my english, i’m french :)

  22. Tensions in the band were pretty high I think. It could only last so long.

    Vinnie wanted to have the spotlight and didn’t like others in the band getting attention, but when you have a good looking lead singer, who can really sing, he’s bound to get noticed.

  23. everbody join the vv forum andshow your apreciation!

    the guy had a hard time enough so far. he should write again, not necessarily for kiss but… the guy can do it. hope he is love, in good company, good health and that he is happier than the bummers life has shown him till now.


  24. Vinnie Vincent was the only member of Kiss that had any talent…if I had that much talent I would be a big head too… He mad the other members look musically constipated..thats why Stanley. Simmons and the rest hate him…pure jealousy…its pathetic

  25. Most of his melodic creations had another different story,the egg didn’t come from this guy’s mind and soul,there is another songwriter and composer who worked with him in the early 80’s and this guy might be one of the responsibles for his stint in KISS. The behind the scenes story tells that this guy had a 74 demo ideas,called the “74 gem box”,they were complete songs with beautiful melodies and nice chords,that box with tapes got lost over a weekend to never appear again,but some melodies resurfaced on several 80’s songs,combining bits and pieces of those old forgotten compositions,maybe without that box,a couple of albums couldn’t been made,but fate destiny and karma do their work,if you get things in a bad way,bad things comes your way.i have no proof of this because we never saw the box again but i can clearly recognize some of those melodies,i could say that this guy is a great rewriter and rearranger,and a great and amazing guitar player,but if you listen close to his solos,he always repeats the same notes and scales,i wonder what could have happened if the long lost brown leather box never existed ? Career in a Box could be an amazing song title !

  26. vincent is shopping for an auctioneer ,if they agree with vincent’s terms, vintage items will see the light of day after many years , a couple of double vee jackson guitars , the infamous belt worn on the lick it up cover previously owned by gene simmons and many more things , lets keep our fingers crossed the next months to come

  27. Latest gossip is that Vincent just submitted a petition to KISS, a full leg tour with him
    as a paid member and this will settle the differences between them,like a mini reunion tour
    among other details,KISS legal team did not turn this off and they want to review Vincent’s proposal
    maybe to laugh about it or not,this seems ridiculous but it might lead to surprises on the next seasons,we tried to reach Vincent but he did not respond to us.

  28. I live down the street from Vinnie they are very private but I saw him checking the mail and I talked to him for about 10 mins and he said he just hanging around and he said he is working on re-releasing his first album from vv invasion

  29. Would love to hear more David, pics would be good too! When it comes to Vinnie though, we’ll have to hear it to believe it. He’s been “working” on stuff for ever. Even Duke Nukem Forever didn’t take this long to be released!!!

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