From Bravewords: report that GENE SIMMONS called into the Dawn Patrol morning show on 102.7 WEBN in Cincinnati last Friday morning to discuss Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, the KISS Coffeehouse, his new book, the Indy Racing League, and the upcoming KISS six-hour DVD box set. Gene mentioned the six hour KISS DVD box set will feature footage from as far back as 1972.

As a diehard KISS fan, this is great news. I am not a collector like some KISS fans, there are some out there that have traded, and acquired, rare vintage KISS footage for years. For the diehard who is not into trading, an official DVD collection of vintage footage is a must have.

KISS have recorded thousands of shows over the years on audio and video. Why haven’t offically released CDs and DVDs of these concerts? Diehard fans would eat it up, especially if they were to do a limited number and then stop pressing. 

In the last couple of years, Gene Simmons has stopped vendors at KISS conventions from selling bootleg audio and video. He has the name “KISSVision” trademarked and I have read stories that he owns an actual pressing plant. If he does in fact own a pressing plant, then Gene is able to do everything in house and make a ton of moolah for himself and Paul aside from touring.

Maybe this is something he is trying to coordinate, maybe it is something he will explore when the band does finally pack it in. Gene and Paul are sitting on a wealth of footage, they should start releasing it if they aren’t going to create something new.

— Steve 

5 comments on “KISS DVD Box Set?

  1. KISSOLOGY 1974-1977
    VOLUME 1

    Disc 1
    The Coventry “Deuce” 1973 (DVD Easter Egg)
    Long Beach, CA “Acrobat” 1974
    ABC “In Concert” 1974
    The Mike Douglas Show 1974
    NBC “Midnight Special” 1975
    Music Videos Come On And Love Me & Rock And Roll All Night 1975
    Cadillac, Michigan vignette 1975
    Winterland San Francisco, CA 1/31/75
    Cobo Hall Detroit, MI 1/26/76

    Disc Two Track Listing

    Ace Frehley’s Wedding Performance New York, NY 1976 (DVD Easter Egg)
    “So It Goes”(British TV Show) 5/13/76
    The Paul Lynde Halloween Special 1976
    Tokyo, Japan Budokan Hall 4/2/77
    Don Kirshner’s “Rock Concert” “Hard Luck Woman” “Love Em & Leave Em” “I Want You”
    Houston, TX The Summit 9/2/77

    Alex Colleti is involved with the DVD (he’s the guy responsible for Unplugged)
    can’t give any more details except it’s due out 10/31/06

  2. I can confirm that there will be at least two bonus discs:
    (yes Fvortek I got permisson LOL!!!!)

    1 will be for Wal Mart
    1 for all other retailers…. Not sure which.
    there is a 99% certainty that there may be a third bonus disc
    But the retailer and content are being negotiated at this moment …more when I can

    here’s the titles of the bonus discs

    MSG 2-18-77
    yes finally

    Largo, MD 12-20-77

  3. Multiple variations for different retailers means a lot of money coming out of my pocket. As a KISS diehard, I’ll have to shell out the $$$ for each version if there is major differences in the content.

    I’m glad to see KISS start to tap their rich history and release them on DVD and CD. Gene should take a look at Dream Theater’s YsteJam Records and copy their lead. Dream Theater release awesome live, demo, cover series on CD and DVD.

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