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Today is the last day for Sammy Hagar – Livin’ It Up, I am really making it a point to listen to it. I was hoping it was a “grower” but it just hasn’t taken hold. Off to the ‘H’ section of my CD cases!

Riot – Army Of One is another album I bought recently that I’m making it a point to listen to. I like this one better than Sammy Hagar but some of those speed tracks just bother me. The good outweighs the bad on this one so it will be in rotation for a little while.

I’ve had my copy of Desperado Bloodied, But Unbowed for a few years. My copy is on Destroyer Records, 1996. This was just re-released in it’s original format and titled Ace. I will be doing a review  on Desperado soon. I played it at work last night but I really couldn’t concentrate on it, it was a busy night of work.

Beyond Fear – I’ve given it a couple of spins so far but I keep pushing it aside for other albums.

I didn’t pick up Slayer’s new one yet, I’m going to snag it Saturday. I did check out AOL Radio’s new all Slayer station…..that’s pretty cool!

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  1. I would like to hear the new Slayer, but I don’t know if I will get it soon or not. I just got the Hotshot cd from last year and the Jesse Strange cd from this year. Both got a lot of rave reviews, but I have not been thrilled by either yet. I need to give both another listen or two though to make sure. I got a used copy of Dio’s Lock up the wolves for $4.99 the other day and it’s fair like I remember it. Some good tracks and some that just drag.

  2. Hey, if you could email me Boyz are gonna rock by Vinnie Vincent Invasion, I would be forever grateful. I love the site.

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