Gene Simmons Family Jewels premieres tonight on A&E

Tonight (Monday 8/7) at 10pm Eastern on A&E

Gene Simmons’ new TV show is on tonight. Normally, I don’t get into this type of thing when it comes to Gene unless it’s KISS related. I didn’t watch Rock School and I generally stay away from Gene appearing on talk shows, etc. I did watch the Biography A&E did around the time Gene was promoting his solo album, Asshole. I thought it was good but, usually, if it’s not band or music related, I’m not interested.

This one has my attention though. Maybe it’s Shannon Tweed, the queen of late night Cinemax and my formative years. Maybe it’s an insight into his family dynamic, his personal life. I’m not sure really but I am taping it with the DVR and I’ll watch it after work tomorrow morning. There are 2 episodes from 10pm – 11pm, I noticed that it’s episode 1 and 3. (I hate it when they do that, go in order!) I’ll have thoughts at some point tomorrow or Wednesday.

2 comments on “Gene Simmons Family Jewels premieres tonight on A&E

  1. What a wonderful and witty program! I never knew Gene was such a business man. Shannon has a great sense of humor, as does her sister. The children, oh my, very intelligent and witty. I love this show, kudos to all of you.

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