Tracklisting for Christine Sixteen 2 revealed

I just got this in the mail from Patrice Beaudette from the Christine Sixteen project:

Hi all! As you may know we’re going to make another KISS tribute next year.  This follow-up CD will contain the following songs:

Dirty Livin’
War Machine
Baby Driver
Shock Me
Larger Than Life
Into The Night (Ace Frehley)
Creatures Of The Night
Watchin’ You
Got Love For Sale
100,000 Years
Master And Slave
Black Diamond
God Of Thunder

I like the tracklist, there are some obscure songs there: Dirty Livin’ from Dynasty, Baby Driver from Rock’n Roll Over, Larger Than Life from Alive II…..good to have some variety, something the real KISS lacks.

— Steve

6 comments on “Tracklisting for Christine Sixteen 2 revealed

  1. I like the variety, although “Baby Driver,” the worst song on Rock and Roll Over, really should be left alone.

    This should be fun.

    — david

  2. ‘Baby Driver’ isn’t the best tune on RNRO but at least its something different for this project. If I could remove 1 song from the list I’d remove ‘Deuce’ because I’m sick of it. Actually, ‘Got Love For Sale’ is a bad tune by KISS and I’d remove it from a setlist but it’s good to hear it here for variety.

    Where’s ‘Mr. Speed’?

  3. Well! Here’s a little insight as how this playlist came to life.

    Baby Driver: RNRO is my favorite KISS album period. On the 1st Christine 16 we had 3 songs from it and on Christine 2 we’ll have BD. The reasons are that I wanted BD because I really like it, the song is also perfect for the voice of one of the kid and I wanted at least another RNOR song. I couldn’t put Makin’ Love because of the lyrics so…. Also, that song was covered only once, by Mange L’Ours Mange on French Kissin’.

    Deuce: It was a last minute addition. Originally, Nowhere to Run and Hard Luck Woman were to be on the CD. But I got tired of them. I replaced NTR with God of Thunder and HLW by Deuce as a request from the bassman. My first idea was to have Comin’ Home or Firehouse.

    Jungle and Master & Slave: Only 2 songs from the non make-up era. I wanted some and I really don’t like the “pop” era so… Domino was a contender but again because of the lyrics I had to let it go…

    Into The Night: To continue what we begun with Rock Soldiers, ie, an “external” song. And I like it. Plus it wasn’t covered before (well, except the fact that it’s an Ace cover of a Russ Ballard song)and I wanted to stay away from New York Groove and Rip It Out…

    Charisma and Dirty Livin': Will be MUCH more heavier than the originals.

    That’s a part of the whole “thinking” process that went into the set list decision.

  4. Patrice,

    Thanks for giving us some insight.
    I think both CDs give a great overview of the KISS catalogue. I also applaud your efforts to keep it “clean”, it adds a bit of class I’d say.

    RARO is my favorite album as well and I think ‘Baby Driver’ is a better addition than ‘Makin’ Love’.
    I also think the additions of 2 DYNASTY and 2 COS songs is great. People forget about these too often, especially the tracks off DYNASTY. Played live, those tracks would be heavier.

    Keep us posted and thanks for stopping by.

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