Pre-order Motorhead – Kiss Of Death

Motorhead pre-order page

Sanctuary Records is offering a pre-order on Motorhead’s new album, Kiss Of Death starting today (August 1).

$9.99 for the CD or the download

$19.99 for the CD or download and an exclusive t-shirt.

2 comments on “Pre-order Motorhead – Kiss Of Death

  1. I have a friend who received a promo copy and he said that it was just decent. He didn’t seem real impressed with it, but we both seem to like different Motorhead albums so who knows, I might love it. I will be buying it for sure.

  2. Motorhead and AC/DC just keep putting out the same record year after year, the formula works so they don’t break it. I wasn’t into We Are Motorhead when it came out but I like it better a couple years later. There is always something good on a Motorhead album, I’m picking it up day of release. I’d pre-order if they had a 2XL shirt.

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