New Release Tuesday – 8/1/06

Another Tuesday comes and I must spend money at the record store. Wasn’t much released today…..

Poison released remasters of their 1st three albums with bonuses…..ho-hum…..

Jouney reissued four of the Perry-era classics with bonus tracks…..isn’t this the 2nd or 3rd time Journey has had a remaster/reissue series?

New Powerman 5000…..I thought they disappeared…..

New Stone Sour…..not interested…..

Derek Sherinian has a new one…..passed at the $16 price tag…..

So why was I in front of the record store at 9:55am waiting for the doors to open at 10?

Kids Bop 10…….I have an 8 yr old.

I was also able to get a copy of the latest Michael Schenker/MSG album, Tales Of Rock’n Roll – 25 Years Celebration for $9.99. Locomotive Records has picked up the album for the U.S. release. Nice to see the MSG album released domestically and very nice to pay half the price of the European import!

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