CD Scavenger Hunt (The Overdue Edition) – 7/27/06

Posted: July 28, 2006 in CD Scavenger Hunt

CDs have been coming from everywhere: Ebay, the local shop, La-La, traders, CD Universe…..the list keeps growing!

Here’s what’s crossed my desk and made it to the pile…..

Motorhead – Iron Fist (2 CD Deluxe Edition) (2005) – Slowly I am adding these great sets to my collection, I just don’t want to pay $20+ for them. Picked this up for $12 sealed.

Silent Force – Worlds Apart (2004) – Pure Power Metal with former Royal Hunt singer D.C. Cooper.

Hurricane – Over The Edge (1988) – Finally! After holding out for a decent price, I finally added this OOP CD to my collection. I paid $40 using BUY IT NOW but this usually goes in excess of $60.

Rainbow – Live In Germany 1976 (2 CD) (2001 reissue) – This is a reissue of Live In Europe on Spitfire Records. I got it for a couple of bucks and it was still sealed. Fills a hole in the Rainbow collection.

Baddax – Walkin’ The Wire (1995)
Friktion – s/t (2000)
Pleasure Maker – Love On The Rocks (2004)
Wig Wam – Wig Wamania (2006)

- Picked all these up for about $25 from a trader on one of the forums. Wig Wam has been making some noise in Europe and Japan, same thing with Pleasure Maker.

Sammy Hagar & the Wabos – Livin’ It Up (2006) – Just got it today, haven’t listened to it yet. Sammy can be hit or miss for some people, same with his days in Van Halen. I dig Sammy so I’ve been looking forward to this, hopefully its good.

Now for my most anticipated purchase of the year so far… of the best, most under-rated, bands I have ever heard…..

Riot – Army Of One (2006, Japanese import) – I pre-ordered this bad boy from CD Universe about 3 weeks ago. To be honest, I had no idea that Riot was releasing this album so soon. I knew that Mark Reale and co. were in the studio but the official Riot website rarely gets an update. I expect this album to crack my best of 2006 easily. A review will be up Monday so I can absorb this.

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  1. Metal Mark says:

    I have not bought anything at the stores recently. I got
    Antix-Get up, get happy
    Aces Wild-Deal us in
    Souls at zero
    all from a seller on ebay.

    I have a friend who writes for some magazines and he gets all kind of promotionals. He has some doubles he is bringing over for me tomorrow, but I don’t know what he is bringing although I think he has some of the Motorhead re-releases for me.

  2. Theodore says:

    Riot are a great act. I’ve only heard two discs: Inishmore (I believe that was the title, though I wasn’t too impressed with the CD) and the Privilege of Power. I know this latter disc isn’t really acknowledged as one of their classics, but I really enjoy it. The cool thing is it almost feels like a concept album (a la Operation:Mindcrime) because it uses a lot of ominous sound clips in the intros to songs. But it doesn’t really tell a coherent story, so I definitely wouldn’t call it a concept album. Great listen, though. Also has some funky horns from Tower of Power on a couple of tracks.

  3. i’ve also been slowly picking up all those motörhead sets from all over the place, ebay, little shops stuff, for much less than their original price.

    they make up a great collection.

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