CD Scavenger Hunt (The Overdue Edition) – 7/27/06

CDs have been coming from everywhere: Ebay, the local shop, La-La, traders, CD Universe…..the list keeps growing!

Here’s what’s crossed my desk and made it to the pile…..

Motorhead – Iron Fist (2 CD Deluxe Edition) (2005) – Slowly I am adding these great sets to my collection, I just don’t want to pay $20+ for them. Picked this up for $12 sealed.

Silent Force – Worlds Apart (2004) – Pure Power Metal with former Royal Hunt singer D.C. Cooper.

Hurricane – Over The Edge (1988) – Finally! After holding out for a decent price, I finally added this OOP CD to my collection. I paid $40 using BUY IT NOW but this usually goes in excess of $60.

Rainbow – Live In Germany 1976 (2 CD) (2001 reissue) – This is a reissue of Live In Europe on Spitfire Records. I got it for a couple of bucks and it was still sealed. Fills a hole in the Rainbow collection.

Baddax – Walkin’ The Wire (1995)
Friktion – s/t (2000)
Pleasure Maker – Love On The Rocks (2004)
Wig Wam – Wig Wamania (2006)

– Picked all these up for about $25 from a trader on one of the forums. Wig Wam has been making some noise in Europe and Japan, same thing with Pleasure Maker.

Sammy Hagar & the Wabos – Livin’ It Up (2006) – Just got it today, haven’t listened to it yet. Sammy can be hit or miss for some people, same with his days in Van Halen. I dig Sammy so I’ve been looking forward to this, hopefully its good.

Now for my most anticipated purchase of the year so far… of the best, most under-rated, bands I have ever heard…..

Riot – Army Of One (2006, Japanese import) – I pre-ordered this bad boy from CD Universe about 3 weeks ago. To be honest, I had no idea that Riot was releasing this album so soon. I knew that Mark Reale and co. were in the studio but the official Riot website rarely gets an update. I expect this album to crack my best of 2006 easily. A review will be up Monday so I can absorb this.

3 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (The Overdue Edition) – 7/27/06

  1. I have not bought anything at the stores recently. I got
    Antix-Get up, get happy
    Aces Wild-Deal us in
    Souls at zero
    all from a seller on ebay.

    I have a friend who writes for some magazines and he gets all kind of promotionals. He has some doubles he is bringing over for me tomorrow, but I don’t know what he is bringing although I think he has some of the Motorhead re-releases for me.

  2. Riot are a great act. I’ve only heard two discs: Inishmore (I believe that was the title, though I wasn’t too impressed with the CD) and the Privilege of Power. I know this latter disc isn’t really acknowledged as one of their classics, but I really enjoy it. The cool thing is it almost feels like a concept album (a la Operation:Mindcrime) because it uses a lot of ominous sound clips in the intros to songs. But it doesn’t really tell a coherent story, so I definitely wouldn’t call it a concept album. Great listen, though. Also has some funky horns from Tower of Power on a couple of tracks.

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