Sammy Hagar new album released today

It’s New Release Tuesday and Sammy Hagar’s new album, Livin’ It Up, came out today.

The local shop has it for 11 bucks so I’m grabbing it later tonight.

Anyone else picking this one up?

4 comments on “Sammy Hagar new album released today

  1. i’m not a big fan of sammy hagar, so i probably won’t. he’s a really cool guy, though. i saw him once at amsterdam airport (of all places), and couldn’t resist talking to him a bit, and he was really pleasant, even after i told him i was a journalist. :)

  2. With Sammy it’s always hit or miss. Talk to some people and they love his solo stuff and hate the Van Halen era, others hate the solo but love the Van Halen.

    I never really enjoyed his solo stuff, except for the occasional single (I Can’t Drive 55), until I saw him play a small club in Providence back in 1999. I was really impressed with the show and I picked up most of his back catalog used. As for his VH years, I do like that stuff but I’m a Diamond Dave man and I’d rather listen to the original VH.

    It’s all what you like.

  3. Hello:
    I do a fledgling ’80s metal blog called metal-mixtape at

    I’m running a contest where I’ve posted a mystery picture of an ‘8os rocker and the first person to write in identifying that person gets an autographed copy of Judas Priest’s latest DVD.

    The contest runs through the end of July, so I was wondering if you would mention it in your next blog post. Please let me know if you can accomodate my request.

    I’m at


    P.S. I’ve added Heavy Metal Addiction to my links list.

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