CD Scavenger Hunt (Ebay edition) – 7/19/06

The selection has been so bad for used CDs at the local shops lately that I’ve not gone in a couple of weeks. There also hasn’t been many “must have” new releases either. I’ve been trolling Ebay for my latest purchases…..

1. Beyond Fear – s/t (2006) – Picked this up for $10 from a seller that I frequent. Still haven’t listened to it. Features Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest).

2. Victory – Voiceprint (1996) – Spent $20 on this one. I have no other Victory albums but I always wanted to hear it because the artwork was cool. Click here for the album cover and info.

3. Saraya – s/t (1989) – Another $20 for an out of print CD. This one can get expensive at auction so I was glad to get it for 20 bucks. I heard the single, Love Has Taken It’s Toll, on the radio on the way to the Extreme show a couple weeks back. Since then, I’ve been wanting this album. On a personal note, Saraya was in the running for baby names for each of my two daughters. That is until my wife remembered that the name was from an ’80s Hard Rock band.

4. Herman Ze German and Friends (1985, 2005 reissue) – Solo project from Herman Rarebell of the Scorpions. Apparently, there are 2 versions of this album…..taken from

Herman released a solo album in 1985 on Capitol Records called “Herman Ze German and Friends”. Herman produced this album which included guest appearances by: Don Dokken, Steve Mariott, Jack Russell (Great White), Juan Croucier and Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), and others. It also included a cover version of “Wipe Out”.

Herman’s solo album (Herman Ze German-1985) was first released a couple of years earlier, in 1981 as ‘Nip in the Bud’ on import from Germany with just the trio of Herman, D.H. Cooper on guitar and George Phillips (Pedro Schemm on the 1985 version) on bass and vocals. The 1985 version was the same backing tracks re-mixed and with the new vocals added on by the guest musicians. WipeOut did not appear on the earlier version but there was an instrumental called Triangle which the Scorpions did play on their Blackout tour which was the intro to Herman’s drum solo.

The 2005 reissue is on Retrospect Records. It’s not listed on their website anymore but you can find it on Ebay through the seller VegasCDs (the guy who runs it). It’s a bare bones reissue, not much in the way of artwork and it looks like a CDR. There is news of an official silver pressed CD/DVD package that is authorized by Herman himself. I picked this up for $18 at auction from a different seller.

5. Hurricane – Slave To The Thrill (1990, banned cover/Japanese version) – Cost $45 with shipping from Japan but I finally have the banned artwork. No OBI though. This usually goes over $60.

Yes, a lot of money spent but some good additions. I’ll be reviewing a couple of these next week, definitely Beyond Fear.

7 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt (Ebay edition) – 7/19/06

  1. I have Saraya on album. It came in a lot I bought a few years ago, but I thought it was average. I have bought a few Retrospect releases from VegasCDs lately. Some hits and some misses. I also just won Jesse Strange’s new one and the Hot Shot cd that came out last year. I won those from Metal Mayhem.

  2. Saraya – Bought it because of the single. Gave it a spin today and it was basic 80s Hard Rock. It’ll get a few more spins to see if I missed anything.

    Retrospect Records – They release some long lost albums but the business practices leave something to be desired. The owner has been accused of bootlegging and/or selling Russian bootlegs on Ebay. Retrospect has had to remove a few titles because they reissued them without the band’s permission. If you head to the Heavy Harmonies message board, you’ll find a forum all about Retrospect. It’s informative but people tend to argue. Retrospect’s owner posts there as well.

    There are some decent releases. I bought Manilla Thrills, both Mariah releases, and Defcon directly from Retrospect. I have the Herman Ze German and Eric Steel releases as well but I got them from another seller a lot cheaper.

  3. i have the beyond fear record. i like it, it’s the first time that i felt ripper owens actually comfortable and passionate about what he’s doing, instead of just singing for a big band who hired him. which is good, because the man has considerable singing talent that shouldn’t go to waste trying to fill rob halford or matt barlow’s shoes.

  4. Ripper had no chance in Priest. When Jugulator was released in 1997, everybody was reuniting. Fans wanted Halford and everyone new it was only a matter of time.

    When Barlow left Iced Earth, I was extremely disappointed. I thought that Iced Earth would be the next huge U.S. Metal band but they have sadly taken the downward spiral. I think Ripper in Iced Earth is great if Jon Schaffer would write decent material.

    I’m looking forward to the Beyond Fear album.

  5. I have not ordered straight from Retrospect yet, but I may so I can get the Defcon cd. I used to have their demo tapes that I bought straight from the band back around 88-90. I read some of that stuff at Heavy Harmonies. I wish he would get permission from the band’s first. I think they are getting better with their product though. I just got the Axtion cd and it has a four page booklet with pictures inside instead of the double sided cards they had been using.

  6. The guy who owns Retrospect is a crook and a thief. He bootlegs cd’s and sells them as vegascds on Ebay and claims they are Italian Imports. He has been doing it for years. Too bad they let puke like him get away with it.

  7. Susan – You definitely are entitled to your own opinions but I prefer that this comment section refrain from personal attacks.

    The owner of Retrospect Records has been under suspicion in the collector’s market of selling bootlegs but I have no knowledge of this first hand. For more opinions on this topic, I suggest you got to (an excellent website), click the link for the forums, and find the section for Retrospect.

    In my own experience with the label, I ordered 4 CDs from unsigned bands that are liscenced to Retrospect. Each album was great and delivered in record time.

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