The “I just went back to work after vacation” playlist – 7/10/06

Nothing is worse than returning to work after a week’s vacation, especially when you work 3rd shift and slept like a normal person for 7 days!

So how do you get back into the groove at work on your first day back? Play some good tunes!

1. Alice Cooper – The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper (4 CD box set) – Put all 4 discs into the Dell and put the headphones on. My favorite box set.

2. Krokus – Alive and Screamin’ – My pick for the most under-rated band, been a fan since Metal Rendezvous in 1981. This live album has all the “hits”.

3. MSG – Assault Attack – What do you get when you add Michael Schenker and Graham Bonnet? Perfection. Favorite MSG album by far because of tracks like Dancer, Samurai, and Broken Promises.

And then the battery went out. Usually I get 12 to 15 hours depending on how I use the Dell DJ (EQ, Hold button, continuos play or picking albums) but I used it over the weekend and forgot to charge it up.

On to the stereo…..been playing these today…..

  1. Venom – Black Metal
  2. Victory – Voiceprint
  3. Motorhead – Orgasmatron
  4. Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III