The “I just started vacation” playlist – 7/1/06

  1. Extreme – s/t
  2. Starship – Greatest Hits
  3. Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell
  4. Styx – Greatest Hits
  5. Van Halen – VH 3
  6. Warrant – Born Again

On deck: Surrender – Better Later Than Never

– Had to re-live the Extreme debut after seeing them live last night and I have been meaning to give VH 3 another listen to see if it’s Gary’s fault or the songwriting. I might give it a review, then again, it might not be worth it.

– I really dig the new Warrant. Call me crazy but I think this is a pretty good comeback and it’s better than anything they could do with Jani Lane.

– Heard ‘I’d Do Anything For Love’ on Boston radio last night so I’m revisiting the whole album.

– Starship had some decent hits with Mickey Thomas on vocals.

2 comments on “The “I just started vacation” playlist – 7/1/06

  1. I have never heard VH3, but I never heard a single good word about it. I liked Black -n- blue a lot and I always liked Jaime St. James and wondered how he would be in Warrant. However I remember two years ago hearing all kind of reports about him struggling to sing the Warrant songs live. So I wonder if he has just come around or is there a lot of production work on his vocals on the new album.

  2. VH3 is an album that many people would like to forget. The lead single ‘Without You’ is pretty good, it’s very Van Halen. The rest of the album is spotty at best. I still don’t think it’s Cherone’s fault…..Eddie took control of this one and, if I remember correctlt, reports at the time mentioned he was hitting the drink hard as usual.

    Missing in action is Hagar’s writing skills (although Cherone tries hard with the music given) and Mike Anthony’s backing vocals (they’re there but not as prominent). It’s the Van Halen sound but twisted a bit.

    The tour was pretty good, saw it in Boston with Kenny Wayne Shepherd. KWS was riding a good wave of pub from radio and got a standing ovation after his solo, the band did as well after their fine performance.

    Funny note: Eddie’s solo pieces were so bad the crowd booed him! I kid you not, EVH got booed after a guitar solo by a sold-out arena. I couldn’t believe it! Cherone did really well doing all 3 eras of VH, he sounds a bit like Hagar anyway.

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