New Release Tuesday – 6/27/06

Posted: June 28, 2006 in CD Scavenger Hunt

Another Tuesday has come and gone and I sit here the day after with the spoils of my quest.

  1. Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III (2 CD set) – $13
  2. Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep (2 CD special/tour edition) – $16
  3. Metal Church – A Light In The Dark – $10
  4. Warrant – Born Again – $10

I had called Monday, after I got the weekly e-newsletter, and spoke to my new contact at the store. He informed me that their delivery manifest only had 1 copy each of Saxon, Deep Purple, and Warrant. He also mentioned that they can’t hold them, they have to put them on the shelf, company policy. So I was first one in the door Tuesday morning with the kids in tow.

Even though they had only 1 copy of 3 of the new albums, it was nice to see the Metal Church section filled with brand new copies of most of their albums. They also had a dozen copies of the new album and a promo poster displayed. I tried bargaining for the poster but my store contact had dibs. Good to see Metal Church getting a decent push from a local shop.

To make the day a little more exciting, I checked the mail and found a package. For Father’s Day, I was given an Ebay Gift Certificate for $50 and I immeadiately blew it on….

  1. UFO – No Heavy Petting (Japanese edition, 2000)
  2. UFO – The Wild, Willing, and the Innocent (Japanese edition, 2000)

These 2 CDs replace some old, worn out cassettes. I had bought all the UFO albums on cassette from a shop in Pawtucket a few years ago, some were still sealed, some were used but I got them all for $25. I’ve been slowly acquiring them on CD from a dealer on Ebay.

Now I have to find the time to listen!

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  1. Metal Mark says:

    Kurt is now the only original member left in Metal Church. When it gets down to one guy that’s when it bothers me that they are using the band name.

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