Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985)

Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors

Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985, Geffen)

  1. Let The Music Do The Talking
  2. My Fist Your Face
  3. Shame On You
  4. The Reason A Dog
  5. Shela
  6. Gypsy Boots
  7. She’s On Fire
  8. The Hop
  9. Darkness

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Back in 1985, my best friend’s older brother talked about one thing: Aerosmith releasing a reunion album. When Done With Mirrors was released and the tour announced, Aerosmith began the long road to regain their superstardom. I remember going to my bud’s house after school and spinning this wax while his brother was at work. We used to spin Side 1 a few times and then flip it over and give Side 2 the same treatment. We spent a couple of weeks memorizing everything about this album: the lyrics, the solos, the liner notes…..our favorite pasttime was taking the album into the bathroom and holding it up to the mirror so we could read it (initial pressings had all the words printed backwords).

I remember getting the concert tickets and heading to the Providence Civic Center for the show… first concert! Ted Nugent opened the show promoting Little Miss Dangerous, he was cool as hell. I’ll never forget Ted coming out, jumping over the drum kit, running to the mic and screaming. Loudest scream I ever heard! An hour later, Aerosmith rocked the hall with old classics like Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way and proceeded to play 5 new tunes off Done Wih Mirrors.

Obviously, there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to this album. Despite my bias, there are some good tunes here: Let The Music Do The Talking (from the Joe Perry Project days), My Fist Your Face, Shela, and She’s On Fire.

Done With Mirrors is always forgotten because everyone counts 1987’s blockbuster Permanent Vacation as the band’s big comeback. That’s a good album too but the REAL comeback came in 1985 and I was right there from the day of release, to the tour, to now.