What’s on tap…..

Blogger is starting to become a royal pain.

There are just too mant disruptions in service. This morning, I tried to post a review and put comments in at various blogs I visit…..no such luck! I did manage to get in a couple of comments at Metal Mark’s blog but the Blogger system eventually crashed. I just sick of it.

I’ve been looking for a new home for the Vicious blog for a couple of weeks and today just cemented the decision to move. It’s not happening yet but I’ll do it soon.

Anyway…..here’s what I’m planning on this week:

– review of the Strummin’ With The Devil album featuring David Lee Roth
– review of Dio’s Holy Diver DVD
– a nice write up on a long lost record store
– some Ebay Madness

There might be some other reviews, etc. as well.