Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III artwork

Posted: May 16, 2006 in Metal News & Commentary

The official press release

We finally get more info on the new Saxon release! The album is due around June 6-8, 2006 depending on which website you go to. The artwork is simple and to the point, very regal. This is going to be one hell of a live album!

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  1. Color me happy, err, white. Although the cover sucks, I might just plunk down my hard-earned cash for this one, if they got the sound right and didn’t max out the eq settings.

    This is just the total trip down memory lane. SBiffin’ …

  2. I’ve seen the current Saxon lineup live (Metalhead U.S. Tour 2000) and I can verify that they are excellent in concert. A lot harder than vintage Saxon.

    You’re right, as long as they have a proper mix, Eagle III will be terrific.

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