Some quick bits…..

– Reminder that VH-1 is debuting the Ratt – Behind The Music tonight (Thurs 5/11 9pm Eastern) followed by the Pantera – BTM at 10pm.

Lacuna Coil played a couple of tunes on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of days ago. I lost the exact link but if you head to and search it, you’ll see it. It’s a good performance and I’m glad to see Lacuna Coil get some national publicity.

– If anyone can translate French, or knows somewhere on the Net that will, this is an interesting blog on ’80s Metal out of France.

– Remember Circus, Hit Parader, Kerrang!, and Rip? How about Metal Dreams, Metal Mania, New Heavy Metal Revue and Metal Forces? All good mags/zines from the good ol’ days. I started acquiring some old issues of Metal Forces recently and I’m fascinated by the ads. I think of all the music I miss now, and all the music I missed then, and I really wish I could win Powerball, LOL!

– Anyone pick up Beyond Fear featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens?
It came out Tuesday but I haven’t bothered yet.

– Speaking of purchases…..I ordered from AOR Heaven Tuesday instead of leaving the house. I ordered Gotthard – Lipservice and the new reissue for Mama’s Boys – Power And Passion. I’ve been meaning to check out Gotthard for some time now and I’ve been after an original issue of the Mama’s Boys disc but it tops out around $100+ every time it pops up on Ebay. I’ll take the reissue for $16…..

– As a Rhode Islander, and a former patron of The Station, I watched the sentencing of Dan Biechele, former tour mgr. of Great White, live. He got 15 yrs, 11 suspended, so he’ll serve 4 at the ACI, for his role in The Station Nightclub fire. He then gets 10 yrs probation when he gets out. Is it enough? Should he have gotten more? I’m not sure but I’m disgusted that the other defendants (Jeff & Mike Dederian, the owners) have not been held accountable yet. I also think the local officials who inspected The Station, and let it pass, should also be held accountable. No matter what we do, what punishments are given, and what money is raised…..people lost their lives, people were seriously injured mentally and physically, and we should never forget.