Top 5 lists

Top 5 bands
Judas Priest

Top 5 Albums
KISS – Rock’n’Roll Over
KISS – Creatures Of The Night
Judas Priest – Defenders Of The faith
Queen – A Night At The Opera
MSG – Assault Attack

Top 5 Live Albums
KISS – Alive 2
Iron Maiden – Live After Death
Scorpions – World Wide Live
UFO – Strangers In The Night
Royal Hunt – Live Japan 1996

Top 5 Album Covers
KISS – Rock’n’Roll Over
Judas Priest – Defenders Of The Faith
Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind
KISS – Creatures Of The Night
Van Halen – 1984

Top 5 Concerts
KISS – Reunion Tour 1996 (Fleet Center – Boston, MA – 1st night)
Saxon – Metalhead Tour 10/31/99 w/U.D.O. (The Station – West Warwick, RI)
Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors Tour 1986 w/Ted Nugent (Providence Civic Center – Providence, RI – 1st concert ever)
KISS – Crazy Night Tour 1987 w/Ted Nugent (Prov. Civic Center – Prov.,RI – 1st KISS show)
UFO – You Are Here Tour 2004 w/Blue Oyster Cult (Hampton Beach Casino, NH)

3 comments on “Top 5 lists

  1. Top five bands
    Black Sabbath
    Iron Maiden
    Van Halen

    Black Sabbath-Sabbath, bloody sabbath
    Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
    Black Sabbath-s/t
    Rush-Permanent waves
    Iron Maiden-Killers

    live albums
    Iron Maiden-Live after death
    Rush-All the world’s a stage
    Ted Nugent-Double live gonzos
    Scorpions-World wide live
    Slayer-Decade of aggression

    album covers
    Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
    Black Sabbath-s/t
    Iron Maiden-Powerslave
    Deep Purple-In rock
    Van Halen-1984

    Judas Priest-1990

  2. Top 5 Bands
    Led Zeppelin
    Alice in Chains
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Pink Floyd

    Top 5 Albums
    Physical Graffiti
    Operation: Mindcrime
    Appetite for Destruction
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Master of Puppets

    Top 5 Live Albums
    Led Zep – The Song Remains the Same
    Queensryche – Operation: Livecrime
    KISS – Alive
    Ozzy – Tribute
    Pink Floyd – Pulse

    Top 5 Album Covers
    Abbey Road
    Sgt. Peppers (I know 2 Beatles albums)
    ….and Justice
    Houses of the Holy

    Top 5 Concerts
    Ozzy – 1989 (I got on stage)
    GnR & Metallica – 1991 (Just an awesome show)
    Whitesnake – 1988 (The first concert I ever puked at)
    The Who (Robert Plant Opened) – 2002 ( I was too young to see these two in their prime, so it was awesome to finally see them Live)
    Queensryche – 2004 (Played Mindcrime straight thru)

  3. KISS rules man! They have too many great albums to pick just one. Best concert ever? The first Chicago reunion show! Followed closely by the Milwaukee show. You couldn’t move there were so many people there. The crowed pounded the floors after the show walking out of the arena. The sound of that and the amazing vibe were INCREDIBLE!

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