More on the Christine 16 Tribute

I emailed Patrice at to let everyone involved with the project know that I reviewed the CD and it got picked up by Here’s Patrice’s response:

Hi Steve! Was I aware? Jebus! The number of visitors to our site sky rocketed since friday night… I was like: “”WTF””… Checked my logs and saw that V&D and the Kissonline were bringing TONS of visitors… 2000 unique visitors in about 48 hours… I spent the week-end updating the site, which I didn’t have the time before… A HUGE thank you for the very nice review and for plugging our CD at both places (it’s also at kissasylum)… It sure was nice of you… The kids are beside themselves…

Sure glad you like the CD…

Thx again…


The CD is sold out but I’m hoping Patrice will do a second pressing if there is enough demand. Last update was that the next tribute would be a Metallica tribute, that would be interesting.

Congratulations to Patrice and all the kids involved on a spectacular effort.

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