Top 5 lists

Top 5 bands
Judas Priest

Top 5 Albums
KISS – Rock’n’Roll Over
KISS – Creatures Of The Night
Judas Priest – Defenders Of The faith
Queen – A Night At The Opera
MSG – Assault Attack

Top 5 Live Albums
KISS – Alive 2
Iron Maiden – Live After Death
Scorpions – World Wide Live
UFO – Strangers In The Night
Royal Hunt – Live Japan 1996

Top 5 Album Covers
KISS – Rock’n’Roll Over
Judas Priest – Defenders Of The Faith
Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind
KISS – Creatures Of The Night
Van Halen – 1984

Top 5 Concerts
KISS – Reunion Tour 1996 (Fleet Center – Boston, MA – 1st night)
Saxon – Metalhead Tour 10/31/99 w/U.D.O. (The Station – West Warwick, RI)
Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors Tour 1986 w/Ted Nugent (Providence Civic Center – Providence, RI – 1st concert ever)
KISS – Crazy Night Tour 1987 w/Ted Nugent (Prov. Civic Center – Prov.,RI – 1st KISS show)
UFO – You Are Here Tour 2004 w/Blue Oyster Cult (Hampton Beach Casino, NH)

More on the Christine 16 Tribute

I emailed Patrice at to let everyone involved with the project know that I reviewed the CD and it got picked up by Here’s Patrice’s response:

Hi Steve! Was I aware? Jebus! The number of visitors to our site sky rocketed since friday night… I was like: “”WTF””… Checked my logs and saw that V&D and the Kissonline were bringing TONS of visitors… 2000 unique visitors in about 48 hours… I spent the week-end updating the site, which I didn’t have the time before… A HUGE thank you for the very nice review and for plugging our CD at both places (it’s also at kissasylum)… It sure was nice of you… The kids are beside themselves…

Sure glad you like the CD…

Thx again…


The CD is sold out but I’m hoping Patrice will do a second pressing if there is enough demand. Last update was that the next tribute would be a Metallica tribute, that would be interesting.

Congratulations to Patrice and all the kids involved on a spectacular effort.

Lana Lane – Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan DVD (2004)

Lana Lane – Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan (2004)

1. Intro Medley (Japan 2002)
a. Dark Water Part III
b. Fanfare for the Dragon Isle
c. Garden Of The Moon
d. In The Hall Of The Ocean Queen
2. Escher’s Staircase (Japan 2002)
3. Rainbow’s End (Japan 1999)
4. Project Shangri-La (Germany 2003)
5. Queen Of The Ocean (Japan 2002)
6. Destination Roswell (Belgium 2003)
7. Frankenstein Unbound (Japan 2002)
8. Before You Go (Germany 2003)
9. Under The Olive Tree (Japan 1998)
10. The Beast Within You (Japan 2002)
11. Night Falls (Japan 1999)
12. Through The Rain (Germany 2003)
13. Season (Japan 1998)
14. Love Is An Illusion (Japan 1998)
15. Avalon (Germany 1997)
16. Evolution Revolution (Japan 1999)
17. Symphony Of Angels (Japan 1998)
18. Astrology Prelude (Germany 2003)
19. Redemption Part II (Germany 2003)
20. Secrets Of Astrology (Japan 2002)

Bonus Material:
In studio interviews with the musicians
Candid montage 1998-2003
Multiple playlists
5.1 surround mixes

Duration: 3 hrs & 2 mins

Lana Lane official website
Think Tank Media

Storybook is a collection of concert footage from Lana Lane’s tours of Europe and Japan since 1998. It’s a good collection of songs from different performances giving the viewer a great variety of material, an overview of Lana Lane’s music thus far. Some footage is perfect, some less then perfect. Some stages are bigger than others, some audiences are wilder than others. The performances are TOP-NOTCH! The true highlight of the DVD is the band playing the songs with absolute perfection.

The unique thing about this DVD is the multiple playlists:
– all performances
– all interviews
– single clip
– single interview
– all performances with each interview for each song

The last option is the best option and the longest. I really like hearing the musicians’ commentary on how they created the song, or how the performance was, etc. before the live footage plays. It gives a little insight into the inner workings of the band. This isn’t Gene and Paul giving us tired old KISS cliches, these are interviews with Lana Lane, Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite, Vinny Appice, and the others going in depth into the songwriting process and/or the live aspects of the show.

Well worth your $20.